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  • Truth Teller - So far so good on Windows 8I decided to take a different tactic with this drive than I usually take and so far it is paying off. What do I mean by that? Well, I mean I let it do what it wanted to do by default. Yep, that's right. I didn't mess around with advance settings. I just plugged it in, accepted the defaults and let it run. What did I get? A complete backup of exactly what I wanted to get, user settings, and my libraries of documents, music, pictures, and videos. And I left it on the "continuously" setting for how often to backup. So far, I haven't noticed it causing any draw on the system and it seems to be pretty quiet.

    I have gone through all sorts of backup solutions, everything from Windows Home Server (basically network attached storage with a few extra features) to several different external hard drive solutions. On every one of them it seemed like it took a lot of messing around to get what I wanted. I finally learned my lesson and after a fresh install of windows 8 with a manual migration of my various folders and files (I finally am following the Windows conventions of where to store my data files), I finally have basically a zero touch back up solution (aside from the initial install and setup which was pretty painless).

    One thing I am pleased about is that this device still worked with my setup of where I have the Documents / Videos / Pictures / Music libraries. I have a 256 MB SSD primary disk and then a 2 TB secondary disk. The primary disk only stores programs and settings. The 2 TB (which 1.5 TB full) holds the data folders. In Windows, all I had to do was right on the libraries and tell it where to find the folders on the secondary drive. I was a little worried that the Seagate software wouldn't actually automatically back up these folders from my secondary hard drive, but it did (verified by inspecting the drives contents manually after it had completed a backup).

    One thing, make sure you allow the seagate software to download and install updates before starting it. I found that the software pre-installed on the drive was quite a few version back. Not a problem since their software include the ability to auto update.
  • F. Sasso "Stupidity Should Hurt" - One of the Best Albums EverThis is so underrated and one of the best records ever made. I remember when it was released in 1977 and being blown away. I had a modest audio system at the time but a good set of head phones and when the needle hit the vinyl I was gone. It was almost like a drug experience. When the album got to Dogs I swore I was tripping on acid. I was extremely lucky to be able to see this tour here at Soldier Field in Chicago, an experience that is hazy but unforgettable.
  • Tonyzany "tonyzany" - This is a Total winner! Another great product from Hearthware!It's too bad it's not in stock and may not come back either, first off the price compared to the Nuwave infomercial site is incredible! The site prices are extremely deceiving! BOGO is not what it seems! The cookware you pay separate P and H that means processing and handling a new as seen on TV gimmick to over charge there customers a lot more than what should be S and P shipping and handling which is the cost for Fedx or UPS to ship an item. As far as the crapware they say is free by just paying a separate P and H is garbage cookware especially when you realize they want to charge you not only P and H but an extra charge well over $240.00 if you go for it! I bought the one Nuwave PIC here for $80.00 with free shipping! Then I bought on Amazon T-Fal Elegance induction ready 18/10 stainless steel 10 piece aluminum incapsulated bottom covered by stainless steel (very important, must be magnetically coated like stainless steel to work) for induction technology! Compared to the extra cheap crap cookware from the infomercial with the ridiculous price I bought this absolutely beautiful true induction ready 10 piece lifetime warranty T-Fal Elegance set for $75.99 at Amazon with the link in this review without tax and free shipping with Amazon prime! By the way Walmart wants $89.99 with tax and shipping for the same set! Know let's talk warranty on the Nuwave PIC? Go to or if its available here on Amazon on some items and you can get a 3 year full warranty with accident protection for about $23.00, I paid only $16.09 with tax with a 30% off coupon they sent me for being a good customer! Squaretrade is the Best warranty company in the US period! I have most of my electronics like my IPad 2, iPod touch, LED Visio TV and many others including cell phones, and when a friend dropped my iPod touch and broke the screen, Squaretrade sent me a prepaid shipping container for free and fixed it like new and had it back in a week!
    Folks Amazon is without a doubt the Best place to research, review, and buy most anything you can buy for the lowest price, even over EBay! Please do your research and become informed about what's available to you in the world of buying things, getting warranties and read reviews on here while realizing that not everyones reviews are not consistent because of ignorance, or misinformed opinions, or just bitter regardless of how good a service or product is!
    I tell everyone I know to Amazon it! They stand behind everything they sell with excellent customer service and complete satisfaction guaranty! I have purchased over $5000.00 on products just in the past 3 years on Amazon and I am an extremely satisfied customer! They are usually cheaper than even the club stores, Walmart, eBay or any other store in America! Just amazon it! Hey Amazon there's a great tag line for your marketing!
  • Brian A. Foster - "My Story" is Really a Story of SurvivalElizabeth Smart's story is an amazing tale of survival under the most brutal of conditions. I could have read it in one day, but I intentionally spread it over two days so that I could reflect on it and take it all in. Just read it, know that it's real, and written from the perspective of a young teenager, tinted through the lenses of someone who is now a young woman.

    I appreciate Ms. Smart's honesty and introspections on the reasons why she did what she did to survive. You may have handled the situations differently, but she did what she thought was best at the time. In truth, each of us will act in different ways to conditions around us. We respond to extreme situations in sometimes crazy ways because we are human. None of us can really pass judgement on Ms. Smart since we were not in her shoes (or socks or less). I can only question whether I could have survived, and hold out hope that the human condition would have allowed me to have done so.

    My best wishes for you, Ms. Smart, on having a fulfilling, successful life. You certainly deserve it.