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  • Jorge Blanco "Author" - You need to read thisIn Die Empty, Todd Henry has a very important message for you. You have something unique and valuable to contribute. Don't hold out on us. In his book, Todd explains how you can find out what this contribution is, and provides you detailed principles you can follow to make sure you give the best you can. Every single day. Do yourself a favour and pick up this book. It is important that you do.
  • M. Owen - 2010 Errata fixedFirst of all, First Aid is the gold standard for Step 1 review. Memorize all of First Aid and I'll bet you'll get a 250 or above on your Step 1. Second, this edition took care of those 6 pages of errata from the 2010 version. So unless you feel like going through those 6 pages of errata on the First Aid website and making a ton of changes, I suggest buying the 2011 version. I know there will be a list of errata for this version, as Doctors in Training has already put together a preliminary list, but it is a much smaller list than the one from 2010.
  • Texas Techie "Code Slingin' Cowboy" - A great guide to understanding romanceI bought this book because it claimed to have a scientific approach to romance. I already knew and practiced much of her advice, and I learned a lot more. I promise that if you listen, you will improve your chances at finding the person you are looking for. It has helped me.

    That means if you are shallow and a manipulator, you will get better at it. Probably you will be sorry someday.

    It also means if you are genuine and sincere, you will be more capable of meeting people who will be glad they found you. Why limit yourself because you don't understand how people think? This book will tell you how the stages of romance work and help you succeed where you used to fail.

    Don't listen to reviews that laugh this book off as shallow manipulation. It is sound, scientifically grounded information about how the human species functions. Ignore it and you may spend a lifetime with unfulfilled dreams.
  • E. King - Great for financial managers or working with multiple companiesThis version of QuickBooks provides all the bells and whistles of the other editions and more besides. Now with the Report Writer (debuted in Accountant 2011 for $125 extra), this is the program to buy if you're trying to manage the finances for multiple companies/groups simultaneously. I've found it FAR more cost efficient than struggling with the Pro or Enterprise editions. Compare the features and you'll quickly see why this is the best choice. Hard to find out about this version but once you do, I doubt you'll want to go back.
  • Priscilla T. - Exceptional productNeutralizes breath more than masks it with minty strong sweet smells. Has a light minty non-sting flavor that is perfect. I think what amazed me the most was its ability to eliminate ANY smell/taste of garlic within one gargle. Don't be lazy though, you have to follow the directions (1 minute mouth, 30 seconds throat)! I've recommended this to all my friends and family. I don't hype up many things, but this is honestly the best mouthwash in terms of eliminating odor on the market. It's magical and I am a customer for life.