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  • R. Herschler - For the LADIES MAN!

    The BIC Cristal is the greatest tool an aspireing casanova can have in his arsenal. Not since nylons and chocolate have the ladies been up for the grabs like they are when they see that if they play their cards right, they can snag a BIC Cristal. If these had been available during WWII our boys would have taken Messina twice as fast, as the ladies would be lining up to help our boys. And thanks them with lavish displays of affection.

    At the bar? Don't buy her a drink like every other lonely schlub. Just slide that BIC Cristal towards her and watch how she becomes putty in your hands. You forgot your anniversary? BIC Cristal to the rescue. Let those other boobs shell out all their dough on the diamonds, gold, and tiffany boxes. The BIC Cristal is economical AND the greatest aphrodesiac since chocolate.

  • Gessica Saunders - The best book!

    I have done the LPN & RN programs and now doing my Nurse Practitioner program. I have to say out of all the drug books out there for nurses---I feel that the Lippincott book is by far the best. Don't bother with the others!!!

  • linden@micron.net - FIVE STARS +++

    Animals is probably one of the most psycologically profound albums ever made. Listen to the lyrics. Grasp the intentions of the music. It's up and it's down. If you think of what they're saying here it's pretty awesome for that day. It's about animals, us. It's actually amazing to me that the record companies would even produce something this good. Since you're looking for EXCELLENT MUSIC and "HARMLESSLY PASSING YOUR TIME THROUGH THE GRASSLAND AWAY" you should consider this one or else you better find SHELTER FROM PIGS ON THE WING !