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Country: Europe, RO, Romania

City: Bistriţa, Judetul Bistrita-Nasaud

  • Ryan "Gen-Xer, software engineer, and lifelon... - Stunning -- if you can take itPerhaps the most unequivocally gloomy novel I've ever read, The Road takes place on a seemingly doomed near-future Earth, in which some unspecified but massive disaster has made the world nearly unlivable. Crops are dead, all traces of law and order are long gone, and what's left of humanity has been reduced to roaming scavengers and bands of cannibals. The novel focuses on a man and his young son, who are making their way across what used to be the United States "towards the south". In what seems to be Cormac McCarthy's style, we learn little about the characters' backstories -- only their struggle to keep going through a hellish, benighted world that could only be described by his stark, weighty prose. Indeed, McCarthy's complex, sometimes arcane descriptive language seems to reference other dark, visionary works in English literature, drawing in some of their primal power and symbolism.

    There's not a lot of "plot" to the book. Mostly, the two characters wander, just trying to find enough water, food, and shelter to get through the next day. Even during the stretches where nothing "happens", McCarthy gives each moment a palpable weight: the exhaustion, the fear, the tension of not knowing what's around the next corner, the emptiness of a dead world, the lure of an escape by suicide, and a father's desperate bond with his son, who is young enough to not fully understand the meaning of the reality around him. And there are some truly harrowing scenes, as well.

    This isn't the easiest novel to take in, though, like McCarthy's Blood Meridian, I also found it mesmerizing and hard to put down. There are even strange moments of beauty in the shadow. Like few works in apocalyptic literature, The Road goes all the way to the edge of abyss, extinguishing hope down to the tiniest flickering flame. Yet, as long as that flame remains, there is no looking away. A powerful book, and one that might make you gaze into your own soul.
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  • T. Bragg "movie lover" - At home in MitfordJan Karon is a gifted author. The characters she creates become your friends. When I read these stories, I am in Mitford, I can see the shops, the church, the rectory She shares real life events. I love the references to classic literature and that Father Tiim is a romantic and loves the old poets. Ihave read the first two books especially over and over. I find companionship and joy in these pages and lovely warmth and humor. WONDERFUL *****
  • Artwumyn "Flo" - You cannot go wrong with ROKU!I love my Roku3! Super easy to set up, 800 plus channels, and - goodbye cable! The device is tiny - about the size of a hamburger and weighs little. I used the Mounting Kit to mount my Roku behind my TV so it is up and out of the way, no worries that it will get knocked about. I wanted only free channels for now and have over 80 saved in a variety of venues. There are many, many more free channels and of course, a large number of fee for service channels. You can get all the same programs as cable or satellite and still pay less than Time Warner or Cox. The remote is very easy to use and fits well in your hand. I love the earbud earphones that plug into the remote. A velcro tie helps keep the cord tidy and the wrist strap keeps you from losing your remote while playing Angry Birds. The picture quality and buffering is excellent with the Roku and I have had no problems with it reading the remote signal. Best purchase I have made in years!