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  • Florida Fan - Plum Crazy About Stephanie PlumJanet Evanovich has created an amusing and lovable character in bounty hunter Stephanie Plum. She has such an engaging personality and anyone can relate to the crazy situations that occur in her daily life. Her exploits as a bounty hunter keep you wondering what she is going to get into next. I can hardly wait to pick up the next book in this series to see who she will come up against and what kind of trouble she will get herself into. Her sidekick Lula is great as well and I will be anxious to see these characters portrayed in the movies.
  • Marc Chapman - Works greatThis virus protection product works so great my computer, my self and my wife have all been able to avoid doctor visits since we installed.
  • Joubi "Joubi" - Perfect size for my purse!This is the perfect size for my purse and it has plenty of room inside to jot down appointments or notes. I also like the band around it that can be used to either save the current weeks page or to hold the cover closed to prevent it from spreading out inside my purse. I would definitely recommend this product.
  • Ariel - Great points for Christian romances!This book surpassed my expectations! My best friend had already read it, and she said she really liked it so I figured I would too. Just for fun, I read the reviews on Amazon. I was shocked when I saw how many horrible reviews there were! I became more worried going into reading it, nervous that I would not enjoy and would have to give a bad review.

    I reviewed this book coming out of a hard break-up with my boyfriend, so I was glad I read this book then. It helped me realize what expectations I had put in past relationships and what I needed to change in myself before I even considered pursuing a relationship in the future.

    I don't think I will ever stop dating, simply for the reason that I only date people I can see myself marrying. However, I do think the points in this book are very valid either way, and I plan to put them t use in the future.
  • simone - What a wonderful, strong, beautiful woman you are ElizabethI was very nervous to read your story. I did not want to read about the horrible things that were done to you as I already know what some of that feels like. I actually had a very dear friend of mine read the book first. He told me it would be good for me to read. He was correct. It was written in such a beautiful way and really had a strong uplifting effect on me. Thank you for sharing your story of such faith, courage and strength.