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  • H. Rao - Helps me maintain weightI have trouble gaining and maintaining weight (believe me, it's not as fun as it sounds) and Ensure helps me from looking too weak. It packs a huge amount of calories and actually tastes pretty good. An added benefit is that it's completely lactose-free, making it perfect for vegans or those who are lactose-intolerant.
  • Monterrey girl - Cystic acne problem solved!I have had cystic acne for 15 years now and as anyone knows, this is so hard on your confidence. I sometimes counted eight ot ten deep acne lesions at times the size of a marble. I felt like a monster two out of four weeks of the month. I was at the point where my dermatologist had come to offering me an extremely aggressive oral medication that required getting my blood checked once a month to make sure my body was metabolizing it correctly. This was scary and obviously for me...a health nut...NOT an option. I was at the mall one day and I decided to try the system but was not willing to spend good money on a scam. I just bought the repairing treatment and Figured that if it helped, I would buy the whole system. I knew I was lazy a lot about washing my face at night, so I bought Facial cleansing wipes (Philosophy Purity) as well. I am ecstatic with the results. Since my skin dries out easily, all I did was wash or wipe off my makeup at night and apply the Proactive repairing treatment on my problem areas and call it a night. When my skin felt too scaly, I would wait until the next evening to reapply the treatment and almost immediately I saw results. I cannot believe that I hardly remember now how I used to look and feel. I am soooooooo happy now, my skin looks awesome and I feel so blessed to have finally overcome this problem. I think mostly the complaint on Proactive is that it dries out your skin so just using the repairing treatment is perfect in these cases. Then, NOTHING will replace washing or at least cleansing with a fragrance free wipe. In the morning, I moisturize with Clinique dramatically different lotion and that is all. I urge anyone who has the tendency to dry up to just purchase this one product and together with a fragrance free facial wash or wipe at night...expect awesome results!!!!
  • John H - Important work --and devastaing to the moral "know-nothings"This book appears to notice that the more informed people become about health, psychology, neurology, economics, etc., the less willing we are to make judgments about whether certain beliefs, customs and practices are more or less likely to lead to the continuing expansion of our knowledge in these areas. An result of this is how easy it is to create a "debate" or "controversy" in the public discourse over an easy moral question long solved (for example, the fact that the New York Times stopped nearly referring to water-boarding as torture only *after* 2004) Sam Harris, I think, get to the root of this phenomena in The Moral Landscape.

    It's hard to imagine a more important and consequential intellectual debate than the one Sam Harris sets out here. The notion that we must retreat from even attempts to outline the nature and causes of the best possible life--and speak of this endeavor in terms or morality--is show here to be false, and dangerously so. This is an important book.

    Many reviewers elsewhere have focused obsessively on whether Mr. Harris has or has not successfully shown that "ought" can derive from "is" and in doing so I think they have missed the point. The purest form of this problem may not be a question that can be answered (as many maintain). What I think Sam Harris has pointed out is that it is also not worth answering, given that the notion of "valuing" anything can really mean only wanting the best possible under any given set of factual circumstances. What, then, is worth valuing--what we all should want--can be determined (if we have all relevant facts, which Harris admits might not be possible)

    Regardless of what you think about the "ought" to "is" "problem," this book powerfully argues that that rational and reality-based thinkers should think twice before continuing to abandon the most important questions that face individuals and society to folk wisdom, superstition and dogmatism.
  • Carol Haddock - Great calendar for keeping track of everybody.This is a great family calendar. I've use this family wall organizer/calendar for several years now. Every so often I try something new, get fed up with it, and go back to the Big Grid Family Wall Calendar. It have lots of space for each day for write down all the activities I need to keep track of. I like that it was room for stickers too. In my family, if it's not on the big family calendar, then it's not happening. I like this calendar so much that I've been buying for one for my Mom each year. She likes the big blocks of dates so she can write in large enough letters to read without her glasses(!).
  • Patriceski "Patriceski" - Remembering an excellent concertWhen I attended this concert in August of 2011 at the Pond of Anaheim (Honda Center where some of this concert was recorded), I said at the time that if they make this a concert video, I'm going to buy it. You see, I had treated my mom to this concert and we've been talking about it every since. When the concert was over, everyone was just looking at each other because Sade gave us ever hit and the video backgrounds were outstanding. We all knew that we had experienced something very special. I generally hate concert videos but this one was a must have from day one. My only regret is that the background videos shown don't truly reflect the quality of what we all saw in person. Not sure if that aspect can ever truly be captured. I would highly recommend this video to any Sade fan.