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  • Sam's Mom - The 'Boy Bible' (filled with wisdom!)I am raising a son who has never met his father and has no role model. Since fatherless boys are more likely to end up in jail, i knew i would have to arm myself with this book so i could guide him into manhood properly. although I have read many sections I have not found anything in reference to this special group of boys. Although, this was a great guide for me as a mom ( and woman) to understand what my son will likely experience in his coming of age. It is my 'Boy Bible' for guiding my son into becoming a man, since his father isn't around to do it. It has taught me how to approach subjects like girlsfriends, lying, bullying, being held accountable for choices made, how to recognizebad situations (&what to do) and most importantly - how I can do my best not to embarrass him or damage his 'man image'. Another book I read is titled 'wild at heart'. Both are wonderful.
  • Mike - Very solid buyI actually love my new Samsung tablet. Makes me wonder why I ever considered buying an ipad. Loving the android operating system though it does contain a few bugs. Kinda still mad at Samsung though. The tablet came with a piece of plastic over the screen which would've served well as a default screen protector but it's riddled with unnecessary advertising words that force you to remove it and buy your own screen protector. Very stupid!
  • Kathy C. "Tell me about it" - Not nearly as painful as waxing!3/9/12 Decided to give this a try based on reviews here.

    So far the process is easy and not nearly as painful or messy as waxing. Yes there is a sting, I used the highest setting under arms, bikini and lower legs.

    However the pain is minimal compared to waxing. And when I finished it's done. Wipe the wand and put it away. No sticky wax under my nails, or on my skin.

    Sure the results are not immediate as waxing. But once the hair begins to fall out it should just be a minimal upkeep process.

    I will update my results after a few weeks. If it works as well as I'm hoping I will tell everyone I know about this!! Finally
    a reasonable option for long term hair removal.

    My skin is light/medium and my hair is dark.