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  • leslie - Best Female Writer for Grown Women!In short, no other author in my time has written better novels for grown - up women, be you a woman of color, or not. Reading Terry McMillan novels has become not just what my girlfriends and I read, but what the women in my family read, share and talk about! I discovered this novel through a photograph of my sisters at Terry's book signing on Facebook (of all places) and as they live in California and I in Florida, I knew immediately it was time to grab a copy and dig in! What I love about Terry's novels is that she reminds me that despite all obstacles, family is rooted in the strength of its trees and its branches... And that the family members (or people) who we count on or look to for advice or guidance are not perfect or flawless, but seasoned. It was interesting, for a change, to get inside of the minds and be a witness to what goes on in the lives of the people who are always quick to give advice or a sharp tongue! I enjoyed every page. Who asked you? Straps on your shoes for you and takes you for a walk that is unforgettable!
  • Solveig - Its amazing!!!I love love love this machine!!! I have suffered from hirtutism for multiple years, I have started and stopped going to the professionals for hair laser treatment (as it was to expensive for me). I finally, and after much research, bought the Remington IPL light machine. I have used it for two months now, and I am proud to say you can hardly see any reminants of once was dark patches with black thick hairs. I am soo happy with this product that i am telling everyone!! I even told my doctor so that he could let other patients of this product know. I feel soo good about how i look now, i can even go with out the concealer if needed!!.
  • Stacy Stanley - Excellent, practical, well-researched adviceThis is a phenomenal book with an anthropological approach to healing back pain and other types of pain caused by poor body mechanics. The author has carefully researched and observed different societies that are virtually free of back pain. She gives step-by-step instructions on how to prevent stress on the body and alleviate pain when sitting, standing, walking, lying down, etc. The photographs, illustrations and other graphics are terrific. I highly recommend this book.
  • Chris Linneberger - I kissed Dating GoodbyeI Kissed Dating Goodbye
    By: Joshua Harris
    Book Review By: Chris Linneberger I Kissed Dating Goodbye is a book about the ups and downs of dating and what the bible says about it. Through out the book the author tells you stories about his and other peoples dating lifes. He talks about what went wrong in some stories and what went right in other. After that he tells you about what the bible says, and what you can do to have a good christian dating life. This book is a good book to help teens and up to really find someone specail without messing up along the way.

    One thing I like most about this book is that it really help me to understand what to do has a christian and wanting to date. The point that he makes the biggest deal of is that you dont have to date to find the right person. He say its better to have friends and do things with friends that way you are not putting your self in the postin to do something mite hurt someone in the long run. The author makes the point that if your able to talk to a friend about anything, its better cause you know that the friend is not going to break up with you and tellthe world. Another thing I like about thing book is that the author is not tell you what to do and the way to do it, he is just giving you a little picea of mind. I was told that the only way to really understand the book is to go into it with a open mind. The author in the book sets down some guild lines for you to follow that the bible says. And he makes it clear that its not what he say but what the bible says. I think that this book is a great book and that every one should read this book before going head on into the dating world.