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  • George Wey - Office for Mac Home & Student 2011

    Office for Mac Home & Student 2011

    Office for Mac 2011 is great for creating compatible files to use on PC or vise versa. Microsoft Office is one of the most commonly used programs for school, home, and work.
    Backwards compatible with older Microsoft Office documents even if it was created on a PC.

    Layout is different from Microsoft Office 2011 on a Windows PC, so if you are new to Mac and new to Office 2011for Mac it will be a learning curve.

    Office 2011works with Mac Lion! Comes as a CD and Key, no retail box like the picture...

  • Violet - Worked For Me After All Else Failed

    In 2008 my husband and I started on a fertility drug to get pregnant. I have severe PCOS. For two years we were going to doctor appointments twice a month and I never once ovulated. The doctors finally told me I would have to go to a fertility clinic. My husband and I decided we wanted to try a more natural alternative before going to the clinic. I started taking FertilAid and after taking it for 2 weeks, I ovulated. After taking it for 2 months, I was pregnant. I now have a happy healthy baby girl. I've recently started buying FertilAid for my sister who also has PCOS. She's only been taking it a few weeks, but her cycle is regulating, so hopefully I'll have a niece or nephew soon!

  • John D. - My first Guiness World Records!

    I have seen the Guiness Book of World Records over the years, and had gone though them while at my family or friend's homes. I must say that with this being my first personal copy, I'm not disappointed. And now I can browse through the records on my own time.

    Even though the book is not as thick as the older editions, it's still packed with ALOT of information more than you can believe for a book that's about 1.5 inches thick from cover to cover (hardcover)

    The quality of the pages is good and the print quality and layout is not bad either. At the bottom of each page there are records from around the world in small snippets, so when you're done going through the book, you can go though the snippets at the bottom.

    Overall, I'm happy with my purchase and I'm looking forward to the 2012 Edition.

  • Trudy Johnson - A remarkable young woman!

    I've always wondered what it must have been like for this innocent 14-year-old to experience such a horrible atrocity. I appreciate Elizabeth sharing her experience, not to ask for sympathy, but to shed light, to encourage understanding of other victims, so that we might not question or judge, but rather we might offer understanding, comfort, and loving support. I admire Elizabeth's mother and her mature advice not to allow those people to steal one more moment of her life, and Elizabeth for embracing that wisdom at such a young age and after such a horrifying experience. What a wonderful example of endurance and remembering what's most important.

  • Benjamin Canty - Good upgrade for me

    This was a very good upgrade for me. I have used QuickBooks from its first introduction and had been using the 2005 version. This version works well for me and my real estate business. It gives me the online links to my accounts and is easy to use - has some learning time but it is not difficult.