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Country: Europe, PL, Poland

  • Mark P. McDonald - Comprehensive, helpful and brutally honest

    My son is studying for the GRE's so these comments come from him. He has found the book and its supporting materials very helpful in getting him ready for the test. He took the GRE's before and used other prep materials and did not get the best results.

    The big differentiator is that the book is honest, sometimes to the edge of being brutal that you need to understand before taking the test.

    He has remarked that this book has much more support for testing strategies, testing approaches, and questions which were uniquely valuable.

    Overall recommended, he takes the test in Feb so we will see how he does which is the real proof of the pudding.

  • Philip Kahn "tigerhawkvok" - Fantastic Tablet

    I've had my Transformer for three days (and, in fact, am composing this review on the tablet!) and I must say I'm blown away. It's fast, smooth, beautiful; it has all the best aspects of a tablet along with the ability to create and be productive that a laptop has; I can't say anything bad about it. Newer firmware revisions (or changes in the hardware manufacturing process) have eliminated the GPS problem -- honestly, indoors, this gets better GPS reception than my T-Mobile HTC G2.

    Something that may not be totally clear is the way that the charging works on the keyboard. When the tablet is slid into the keyboard dock, the keyboard charges the main tablet battery -- so when you un-dock, your tablet is actually more charged than when you started. Fantastic!

    Also, this screen is drop-dead gorgeous. It's pulling in at 160 DPI, which while not Apple's "retina", it's a fair sight better than standard monitors (my 24" 1080p monitor is about 96 DPI).

    Get it. You won't regret it.