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  • TokyoChris - Heavy but excellent soundI bought the Monster ClarityHD, the JBL Flip, and this TDK A33 and listened to them, including comparing to a pair of Elac 310s I have on my desk, for several hours.
    The ClarityHDs have good mids and highs but no real bass; they sound like a couple of tweeters with no woofer (which is what they are).
    The Flip has better bass than the ClarityHD but still thin and overall it sounds "muddy", especially on rock tracks.
    The A33 is something else; yes, it's heavy as a brick and big to carry around, but it's worth it. Everyone who hears it is amazed that such quality sound can come from something so small. You can listen to the A33 for hours; I do.
  • Dr. V - YES YES YES!Ok, this system is amazing. For years I dealt with irregularity, slow digestion and that feeling of "not being empty". I had tried dietary changes with limited success, but there were still issues. Doctors could not find anything wrong, they just recommended more fiber and water, something that I was getting plenty of already. I tried Align and withing 4 days I started seeing improvements, within 2 weeks I felt great, all of my issues were relieved and I am thrilled. TRY THIS PRODUCT!
  • J. Jones - Kiss by Ted Dekker and Erin HealyI have read many Ted Dekker novels, but this one is definitely one of my favorites!

    Kiss is a story about a young woman, Shauna, struggling to regain memories from the previous 6 months - memories, which if they return, may get her killed. Shauna realizes a few weeks after waking up from a horrible car accident that she has gained the ability to steal memories from other people. She uses this ability to help her in her search for the truth about what really happened the night of her accident, and why all of the people around her, including her loving boyfriend, want her to forget it. For the first half of the book, it is unclear who the good guys and bad guys are, which only makes it that much more exciting! It usually takes me a week or so to finish a novel, but after I got a few chapters into this one I couldn't put it down! Finished in 1 day!

    I love how the novel ends - I won't give it away though. I love stories that end with a sense of closure for all of the subplots as well.

    Packed full of suspense, romance, action and drama! I hope that Dekker and Healy team up for many more novels - it seems like she gave a more romantic side to his writing.
  • Farrah Zahran - three months and countingI've had the $19.99 "trial" pan for three months now, and it is absolutely wonderful! Having gone through three nonstick pans in the last year, one of which warped beyond use and the other two lost their coatings (flakes of teflon in your food is...not recommended), I was ecstatic when my husband's uncle gave us one as a wedding gift. The clean up is so easy that it's ridiculous, and I have personally- just to see- tried frying eggs with no oil and melting some cheese until it burned into the pan. The eggs are so good that I look forward to them every day (whereas the usual oily fried eggs tended to make me queasy), and the cheese, even after cooling, simply came right off under running water. Even sausage crumbles and gravy come right out of the pan with ease.

    It was a bit nerve-wracking to season it, though, as the oil never started smoking. Next time I'll put it on med-high instead of medium...

    The pan is very heavy, very durable, and has withstood being knocked over in the morning rush many times. Likewise, it also handles high over temperatures with ease, and I like knowing that I can finish up something in the broiler without having to change pans!