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  • Mike Tarrani "Jazz Drummer" - Bargain-priced red table wine - perfect for lighter meals

    I am ashamed to admit it, but I am only recently 'discovering' Argentinian wines and am impressed. Malbec is the basis of their better known reds - indeed, it has practically become their national grape.

    This wine is light and fruity with a floral bouquet. The description claims dark cherry, but to my palate it's more like plums and berries. Regardless, it is a medium bodied dry wine that can pair with some meals that you would traditionally serve with a white wine.

    To be completely up front I am not a fine wine expert. I am a chef who focuses on food and the wine that best complements it. Most of my wine experience is with table wines. Aside from pairing with food I also look for values - wines that are inexpensive enough to be served as a daily table wine without compromising the experience. That eliminates a good many 'cheap' wines which are too often plagued by a flawed finish that tastes overly processed.

    Because this wine meets all of my criteria as a great table wine: inexpensive, delightful taste and perfect pairing with some dishes, it merits the five stars I awarded it.

    It pairs with poultry and red flesh fish like salmon (indeed, it goes beautifully with cream cheese and lox), and other fare that you would normally associate with white wine. It also would perfectly pair with milanesa (a thin, breaded cutlet), as well as eggplant dishes, and even pastas with white or cream sauces.

    Here is the recipe for a dish I made to specifically pair with this wine: I made a simple bechamel sauce by melting 2 ounces of butter over medium heat, then beating in an equal amount of super fine flour, then adding 4 ounces of heavy cream and mixing into farfalle pasta. I added fresh, chopped parsley and whole, fresh arugula and tossed. It was a perfect dish by itself, but enhanced with some steamed shrimp as a garnish.

    For cheeses it will go with most, but to my palate it goes best with blues like Roquefort or Gorgonzola, and some of the more neutral creamier cheeses like Brie and Camembert. But it will definitely complement other cheeses, including Parmigiano-Reggiano, asiago and the like.

    If you have not tried Argentinean wines in general, or Malbec in particular this is one to check out.

  • SBryant - Worked for Me w/ Regular Cycles

    I was a little nervous to try this after reading that it had interrupted some women's already regular cycles. But my husband and I had been trying for 10 months with no luck. I took this for a month and got pregnant! I couldn't believe it! I did drink the tea for about 2 months prior with no luck, but one month of the pill form did the trick! I'm now 11 weeks pregnant :)

  • ttomaz - my TF201 unboxing experience

    Amazon delivered my TF201 yesterday evening. My 15 year old son was super excited and unpacked the device (we have a tablet?!_ Is it Tegra3?!). I entered my Android account info and went to the home office to take a conf call.
    When I returned an hour later he was busy customizing the device. I did a quick check of the OS (Android 4.0.3) and checked WiFi perf (5Mb/s) and let the kids loose with it.
    For the next 3 hours my boys (15, 14 and 9 years old) were fighting over who got to play with it next. Graphics and touch responsiveness are awesome. Visual computing taken to a new level.

    Asus seems to have wrung out the early kinks and the Ice Cream Sandwich promise is real.