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  • imperiale - A new investing conversationMindful attention to words – whether they are selected to convey meaning or to obfuscate – can unearth the true intentions of their author. Investing Between The Lines reminds us of this and proposes a framework for evaluating the language contained in shareholder letters, a key conduit for guardians of equity capital to communicate with its owners. In this sense, Rittenhouse’s book is an important one, since correctly discerning the values and priorities of management through their words can be good for your wealth.
  • C Fisher - Works to get you on cycleI didn't have a period for over a year after getting off the depo shot. I even went on conventional birth control to jump start my cycle but that whole time I never ovulated.
    After less than 1 bottle of this product I was pregnant. My baby is now 3 months old.
    This was my second baby and I didn't have any trouble getting trouble pregnant the first time. So the pills didn't solve any fertility problems (because I don't have any) just my period problems so I could be fertile again.
  • LexiLaciMom - Amazing book with great insightsWhile I'm only half way through the book, I am enjoying it immensely. There is a lot of practical advice, as well as insights into the male mind, that are very helpful. There are links to online videos that complement and expand on the information in the book. I am recommending it to all my single girlfriends!
  • Stephanie Daniels - Writers--take noteThe best books stay with you a while. I would like to write this review both as a heads up to Christians and to writers. It took me a while to climb aboard the Hunger Games phenom. I was not sure, as a Christian, if these were books I should even read, given the theme. It took a lot of listening and learning before I felt I should give them a chance. I admit I watched the movie first, only recently. I was so impressed with how the subject matter was handled that I knew I would have to read the series. I think a lot of the discussion among the Christian community, is that since they are books for young adults, should you allow your teen to read the books or watch the movies? Since I have only elementary children in my household, I would have a hard time judging that, though I think i would probably make mine wait until late high school/college age (which is what I would consider young adulthood anyway, but often this segment does mix in with the teen demo as well). There is little or no language in the books, and no sexual references, though (SPOILER ALERT) in the second book, there is a lot of them sleeping in the same bed together, to ward off nightmares. However, the violence is pretty intense in all three. As to writers, I think every writer should read these books. To me, they are a perfect template on how to create plot, characters, and inner and outer conflict. Let me also say, that this is not a genre I normally gravitate to. It seems to me that the dystopian society storyline has been done to death, but Collins gives such a fresh spin that it feels brand new. It was obvious to me that this author planned very carefully, not on just the character arc in this novel, but the overall arc in the next two. The universal themes are what I believe will make these books timeless, and future classics. This is the reason they have been so successful, because you root for the characters despite overwhelming odds, because the characters can't stay the same after horrifying circumstances and so you learn and grow and ache with and for them. Isn't that the whole reason we read anyway? They are fast-paced, and I could not put them down. Though I thought the movie was very well done, and followed the plot closely, the books are better. I understood a lot more after reading this one, things that were not as clear to me in the movie, though I think the film makers probably guessed that many of its moviegoers had read the books. Yes, the theme is disturbing, but it has to be to make a point, and yet the author never deliberately makes one. She allows the character's turmoil (inner and outer) to make it. And that is writing at its best.
  • Rather Be Reading - Stunning SequelI thought Wolf Hall was brilliant and Bringing up the Bodies doesn't miss a beat. Yes, I miss Thomas More, but so does Cromwell. He seems to never be too far from Cromwell's thoughts. Hilary Mantel does a masterful job with a story that we already know the outcome to. She brings history alive with suspense, humor and exceptional writing. She paints Cromwell as a master manipulator, a seasoned politican, a man to be held in both awe and terror. The secondary characters are just as vividly painted. From cringe-inducing moments to laugh out loud moments, this book is simply brilliant. Is there writing any better than this? I think not. Bravo and thank you.