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  • hoytlington - So glad I switched from AndroidI love everything about this phone. It's amazing. Most of all: IT'S STABLE!

    I switched from Android after having 3 Android phones (DroidX, DroidX2 and Samsung Galaxy Nexus) and I couldn't be happier. Windows Phone is faster, has higher quality apps, and is far, far, far more stable and easy to use than any Android phone.

    There are some apps missing from the Store that I used on Android, but most already have 3rd party replacements or are scheduled to be released in 2012 (Like Spotify, Instagram, and Pandora for example). Instead, I have apps like Xbox Music, which I've found to be a fantastic replacement for Spotify. The app is cleaner, has a huge music library, and syncs instantly with my Windows 8 PC.

    I've found that Nokia Maps is REALLY great now that the Nokia Lumia 920 has received an update since it's release. Having free GPS on my phone was a requirement to switch and Nokia nailed it. I don't even miss Google Maps anymore.

    I still have common apps like Evernote, Glympse, Skype, and of course Angry Birds. I even have a third party Google Mapps app to find my Android friends on Latitude. So even popular Google services are available in some fashion. But between the apps and the Xbox games, the AWESOME battery life with LTE (I NEVER had that on Android!!!), Wireless Charging, and incredible camera: There is nothing about this phone not to enjoy.

    I can only point out that it's heavier than other smartphones as a negative. But when you're talking weight in Grams, "heavy" is negligible.

    Nokia adds incredible value to the Windows Phone platform and is surely the #1 choice for Windows Phone 8.
  • Andrea - Amazing!!I started taking cymbalta and began to get constipated. My doctor recommended align and it's amazing. I feel so much better and I am regular again. I highly recommend!