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  • Sarah - Great foundation for people with freckles

    I am a natural redhead with fair skin and tons of freckles. I have always had trouble finding a foundation that matched and evened out my skin tone, but didn't hide my freckles. I have tried liquid, powder, cake, you name it - all in the hopes that one of the products would work for me. Bare Escentuals foundation is the best product I've ever used. My skin looks "finished" without looking like I have a pound of make-up on. It stays in place all day (yay - no shiny nose at 3pm!) and doesn't irritate my sensitive skin.

    It takes a little bit of practice to get used to using the brush to apply it, but once you get the hang of it, it really only take a minute or two. I use "fair" as my year-round shade and I add some blush or bronzer if I need to add a sun-kissed look. I love the way it looks and most people don't even realize I am wearing make-up, which is they way I like it.

    The true test for me is if my sisters and mother like the way my make-up looks, mainly because they won't hold back if they don't! (Hooray for honest families!) Both of my sisters now wear Bare Escentuals foundation, as well as my 59 year old mother. They love it as much as I do!

  • Stephanie Lindquist - A must for anyone working in international development

    This book is amazing! I worked in Guatemala for around 8 months in community development, with a rural indigenous pueblo. We tried to get in as many doctors as possible, but when that failed, we could always use this book--the diagrams of each disease (especially the skin diseases, prevalent in Central America) helped us to decide how to address each person's health concerns. I only wish there was a copy in K'iche' for the community leaders to have to use!

    The forms included in the book for basic check ups and keeping medical records will be helpful in the future when we set up a clinic. I can't emphasize what a straight forward, useful, and practical book this is. If you intend to work anywhere in a developing country, with health or not, you need this book.

  • Penny - a different perspective

    I enjoyed learning more about this period of history from a different perspective, and i found my regard for Thomas Cromwell growing as i read the book- despite his conniving and manipulations, he was portrayed as man with some sense of obligation, of humanity, and with some forward thinking ideas.. I'lll now go back to read Wolf Hall.