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  • B. Billings - Quicken Home & Business 2013 is ok for basic banking functionsI downloaded the electronic copy of Quicken Home & Business 2013 from Amazon. The download went fine and it installed on my system with no problems. I use this software for basic banking functions ( I enter my transactions by hand, I don't use the auto banking transactions downloads). So far the software has been stable and accurate for me. I have not experienced some of the issues that advanced users have reported( ie. issues with mobile quicken balances being inaccurate, reconciling issues from bank downloaded transactions). Quicken has also updated my version with two updates/fixes so far. I would recommend this software to any person with realistic expectations of financial software.
  • Susan M. Tseng - 8 Steps to a Pain-Free Back, by Esther GokhaleThis is incredible book, and Esther Gokhale has given us all an incredibly valuable gift with her program. This book is not just for anyone who has ever suffered with any aches and pains, but for anyone who is interested in keeping themselves healthy and functioning far into their old age! Ms. Gokhale has created a program to teach good, healthy posture and this book beautifully outlines and details the program. Using many colorful and artful illustrations, numerous quotations from the medical community and students who are now pain-free, she carefully and gently explains how to sit, stand, lie down and walk without pain. You will learn techniques that are easy to follow and integrate into your everyday life. Her extensive use of photographs to illustrate each step are incredibly useful, and the book can be used long into the future as a reference guide, thanks to the format with photos and recap outlines for each step.
    I have not only read this book, I have taken the accompanying class and after suffering from chronic back pain for several years, I am now able to function pain-free. I also have a much more sophisticated understanding of my back issues and how to take care of myself. I heartily recommend this book to everyone! Read it and feel good again!