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  • amooreRN - Best review book EVER!!!

    I bought this book after not passing boards the first time. I thought it would be just another review book but I was pleasantly surprised. It shows how to break down questions and choose a right answer. I believe if it hadn't been for this book I couldn't have passed boards the second time. It was very much worth the money!

  • Abdul kareem - Best tablet out

    Putting GPS issue aside this is the best tablet out. Especially with ICS this tablet is a great netbook replacement.

  • Tristan M. Johns - Inspirtech SolidWorks Fundamentals 2011 Review

    When it comes to video based training for SolidWorks there are two major companies out there providing the training - SolidProfessor and Inspirtech. I found quite a bit of video examples from both companies on YouTube and started watching them to see if I could decide with one was better. After doing the research and looking into both products I decided to go with Inspirtech because of the overall price vs. value. The reason I went with Inspirtech is because the price of the DVD is under $100 for 14.5 hours of video training and SolidProfessor offers their DVD for $300 and only 10 hours of video training. The video training from Inspirtech is much more affordable and I just can't see myself paying over 3 times the amount of money for less training as both companies basically offer the same thing. After spending some time with the Inspirtech training software I decided to write my own review for the 2011 Fundamentals course.

    I purchased the SolidWorks Fundamentals 2011 course and instead of the DVD I chose the direct download version from as I have high-speed internet and didn't want to wait for shipping, the download file took a little over an hour to complete. After downloading I installed SW Fundamentals 2011 and started up SolidWorks. To my surprise the 2011 training was added to a toolbar inside of SolidWorks directly. Which means that I can access the training at the same time using I am using SolidWorks while I follow along which was very cool and helpful.

    The software interface is easy to use and when you play the videos they pop up in a separate window that can be moved and resized about the monitor. This allows you to use the training and SolidWorks at the same time with only one monitor. The videos are split into categories and the content is structured so that you start learning the basics of 3D modeling first and how the program works and as you become more familiar with the program, it moves into more advanced categories like rendering and intermediate modeling towards the end of the DVD. The narrator of the videos is clearly an expert in SolidWorks and his approach to training is that of a teacher role more than anything else. This isn't just a reference or help file the DVD is full of information that you just won't find anywhere else. The guidance and instructions are clear and easy to follow. The lessons are covered in-depth and it is full of exercises and examples along with review tests at the end of each lesson to see how well the user understands the material.

    There were some hiccups though that I ran into while going through the lessons. There were a few misspelled words or typos that I found throughout a couple of the lessons which leads me to believe that the editor or proof reader didn't catch them before releasing the DVD. I do think more care could have been taken to catch some of those mistakes but I am still pleased with my purchase as they don't detract from the information being learned. I also at times found it humorous listening to the narrators pronunciation of certain words because of his Canadian accent. A couple time he uses the word decal and pronounces it as "deckle" (deck- el) where most Americans pronounce it (dee-cal). The only reason I mention this is because the narrator instructs the user to take the "deckle" and apply it in the rendering lesson. I sat there for 3 minutes initially trying to figure out what the hell a "deckle" was before it dawned on me that he meant decal.

    My overall impression on the training is that it is aimed more at the SolidWorks new user in mind and even up to the intermediate users. You will learn different ways to approach modeling concepts and problems, you will learn better ways to model that will make you more efficient and quicker. Expect to spend around 40-50 hours total as you progress through the lessons. It took me about 3 weeks 2-3 hours a day to get through the DVD. After day one you should be able to start drawing basic 3D shapes and by the end you should be able to model intermediate parts and assemblies and then create engineering drawings or renderings. If you are an advanced SolidWorks users this training probably isn't for you. According to Inspirtech there is a more advanced training DVD designed for SolidWorks Professionals that is being developed right now and as soon as it is I will definitely buy it and post a review of it.

  • N. C. Pride "Just Curious..." - Perfect for my Toddler!

    My daughter is just 2 1/2 and is just getting the hang of touch screens and the like. this has been a perfect fit for her developing mind and for her little hands. Only one con is that there are so few games for kids of her young age that she is forced to try skills that she's not quite ready for but that just makes it fun for both of us.

    I recommend purchasing the gel skin because it keeps kids from accessing the battery compartments and gives those little fingers a better grip. Also, this things eats batteries like there is no tomorrow so I purchased the car and AC adapters as well.