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  • gdb "gman" - Massive Attack, maybe the most important thing in the 90's???Massive Attack released Blue Lines in 1991, it would be the first of three albums released in the decade and all were classics. Blue Lines in the best of them though because it is revolutionary and would influence others (ie. Moby, Chemical Brothers, The Streets). This was actually the beginning of Trip Hop, something latter on that would be readapted by American black artists and be called Hip Hop. The rap songs are performed by Horace Andy, Tricky, Robert Del Naja, Grant Marshall & Tony Brian. Whilst the soul songs were performed by Shara Nelson. Not forgetting Mikey General's background vocals!!!

    Blue Lines begins with the sutile Safe From Harm, before going into rap mode in One Love & Blue Lines. Be Thankful for what you've got is sutile soul, whilst Five Man army is another soulful rap tune. Unfinished Sympathy is probably one of the most well known Massive Attack tunes as it was the only single released from the album. Daydreaming is another clever rap tune, whilst Lately is another classic soul tune. The album ends with Hymn of the Black Wheel another soul tune but not sung by Shara Nelson, instead sung brilliantly by Horace Andy!!!

    Blue Lines was the beginning of what would be one of the most influencial groups of the 1990's. Actually for just this release they renamed themselves Massive because the album was released at the same time as the Gulf War and the record company thought it would be too risky to be called Massive Attack at that time. Although popular in the UK they would claim proper world wide commercial aclaim with their 1994 release Protection, and would continue their popularity with the 1998 smash it release Mezzanine. But Blue Lines still remains a bench mark not only for Massive Attack but all Trip Hop, Hip Hop, and electronic Pop acts. Great stuff indeed!!!!!
  • GAM "Movie Buff" - Wendy Davis American HeroI desperately needed running shoes so I thought why not? I watched Wendy's brave filibuster against TX Republicans who force women to remain poor, barefoot & pregnant. The Texas Republicans recently voted no on equal pay for women. Misogynist Rick Perry has gone too far taking away a woman's access to mammograms, contraception & difficult private choices. Neanderthal Rick & his Tea Baggers need to keep out of healthcare issue between a woman, her doctor & family. I'll wear these shoes with pride. They're well made, I like pink & looked cute on Wendy.Mizuno Lady Wave Rider 16 Running Shoes
  • Stephanie Sullivan - Painless Planning for the inevitableWhen I saw Quicken WillMaker 2013 I didn't know everything that was involved with estate planning. That's where the plus comes in. With WillMaker I was able to create many documents that will help before I move on from this life. These include my living will, heath-care directive, and limited power of attorney.

    I have to admit that it took a while for me to get around to creating a will and doing estate planning. I guess it just made that reality of life a little too real to me. When I did WillMaker plus made the process easier than I expected. It was effectively painless.

    I didn't use the support - but other reviews provide glowing reviews which I suspect are founded based on the well thought-out software.

    This is a good DIY tool for straightforward estate planning: probably 90+ percent of estates. It probably gets a good start on much more complicated planning that will requires a visit to legal office. The head start that WillMaker Plus could provide in paperwork and organization may save hundreds or thousands in legal fees compared to going in with nothing.
  • "pattikate" - SEIZURE CONTROL on SCD!Our daughter's first seizure came at the age of 17 days. Later we learned she had a congenital brain defect. Various anti-epileptic medications were tried over the next four years. None were successful. One was downright disastrous and caused a dangerous reaction and a nearly fatal status seizure. A new neurologist suggested the Ketogenic diet, which gave us a full year virtually seizure free. The second year of Keto found us frustrated, with seizures creeping back. Her ability to tolerate the diet was changing and it just stopped working. After two years and three months, we stopped the diet in January of 2003 but stuck to a wholesome, healthy diet without sugar or white flour..... never returning to a "typical" American diet. Seizure-wise, she was the same...a few every month. Another parent told me about SCD and the fact that they were getting seizure control on this diet, and resolving some digestive issues. Not wanting to return to more drugs, I immediately bought the book and started Katera on the SCD (April '03). By week four, completely seizure free, I knew we were on to something. It has now been 8 months and Katera has had only four seizures in all that time. We had an unbelievable 5 month stretch where we saw none at all, though a recent viral illness triggered a couple. We manage these when necessary with emergency meds. SCD is a wonderful change from the previous diet, although I still firmly believe that the Ketogenic diet is a miracle for many kids. She has never had any intestinal problems that we know of... and yet this diet works for her. Who knew that the gut was so strongly linked to brain function? Apparently, none of our doctors did, but they are amazed at her progress and want us to keep her on SCD. She is healthy and thriving...and we plan on continuing the diet indefinitely. We have found wonderful support at the Yahoo list for families using SCD for children: