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  • D. Sassoon - Well worth the wait and rocky startThe short version: Great game! New twists that make it unique and equally addicting as Diablo II. Yes it is true there were server problems when the game was first released...but honestly if you can not occupy yourself for a few hours while they are fixing the problems (and yes they are completely fixed, the game runs flawlessly) then I might suggest, oh, getting a life maybe?

    Diablo II was a game that defined the RPG in my books. In fact, I have never found an RPG that could hold my attention like Diablo II could. I always checked for Diablo III rumors and was excited about the game when Activision announced its development.

    The game is not a remake of Diablo II.
    -There is a new story line with elements that actually make the characters part of the story.
    -The game-play changes removed many of the "cheap tricks" from Diablo II and make some aspects of game-play more challenging- requiring more strategy unique to the strengths and limitations of your character.

    Bottom line is the maintains the essential qualities that made Diablo II such a legendary game and puts them in a more polished package.

    As with life the birth of Diablo III came with a slap on the behind, but as my character grows, I am certainly enjoying its smooth development, despite its less than graceful start.

    Highly recommended game!

    A response to a common complaint:
    A lot of people are unhappy with the online nature of Diablo III. I prefer it. Anybody who tried playing online with Diablo II and did not cheat (there were ways to cheat make your character nearly invincible and make your own weapons with incredible stats) knows that the game became less fun. I applaud Activision/Blizzard's attempt to prevent character hacking, and although the hackers will likely find a way, I am glad they will have more control than before.
  • Pamela R. Eilertson - Bought for 84 year old MotherWe bought this tablet for my Mom's 84th birthday. With just minor instruction she is using it like a champ. When she gets stuck on something she calls in her 8 year old great-grandson to show her what to do next.