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  • K. Stajner - Math Class BooksMyMathLab: Student Stand Alone Access Kit
    This is an accesscode that grants you access to one of the best online class website. It offers help links, an online version of the textbook, and even has video walk throughs for those not so computer savy. This is a great product.
  • Nicole J. Talbot - Missing Component in Nutrition ScienceAs a physician I was never taught about nutrition or weight loss. Everyday I am confronted with patient after patient describing their frustration and confusion over how to lose weight and I feel helpless. I try to guide them but every person had different results, or no results. I started to realize there was no one "diet" that fits everyone because we are all unique. That was when I read Lyn-Genet's article in a magazine and from a medical stand point it made total sense, it is the missing component in nutrition science.

    Figuring out what foods I react to and cutting them out of my diet has transformed my health and my body. This has been life changing experience and I will never look at food the same way.

    I am thrilled to have another medical tool to help patients manage and eliminate their chronic conditions such as migraines/arthritis/depression.

    ~ Nicole Talbot D.O. - Board Certified Family Medicine
  • A. Bagchee "Tech Snob" - Shows the true color of Pink FloydIts amazing that Pink Floyd comes up with some really good music after Roger Waters leaves the group. There's no denying the fact that albums like Dark Side of the Moon, Delicate Sound of Thunder, The Wall etc. are legends of rock but Division Bell carved a different niche that was, unfairly, not received well by the "traditional" Pink Floyd fans.Maybe it should have been named "Listen Without Prejudice"! By not bringing a mind-set to this album, you'll see the great work of David Gilmour and how wrong Roger Waters was to try and break up the group. Compositions like Coming Back to Life and Take it Back are masterpieces.
  • Don Holmes - Awsome tablet!Almost went with BB 7 inch, but my eyes are aging so i went 10.1 instead. Soooo glad i did. Got it tru amazon warehouse deals under like new. This will not dissapoint! I paid like 215.00 delivered, and it's been a while since i've enjoyed an electronics purchase more. Performs as advertised. Especially love the blue tooth. hearing tunes in the car system AND having the vid for the missus to watch while i drive keeps her backseat driving to a minimum. A VERY big plus for me! Highly recommend!!
  • Romance Addict - Cutest suitcase!!I just love this! Saw it in Target and got it on Amazon because it was less expensive. It's extremely cute and sturdy, and seems quite well-made. Lots of little pockets and other cool features (including a strap on the back so an adult can wear it as a cross-the-body pack if the little one gets tired of pulling it).