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  • siouxlu - Birth 2012Hubbard is clear about her intent in her book. Her goal is to awaken and "galvanize" thousands of us to change our way of thinking, no, our way of being. She has already sparked tens of thousands and I am sure we will meet our goal of 100 million by December 22. This is not "woo woo" stuff. There is evolutionary science to back up her assertions. We certainly can and will meet some kind of critical mass by the end of this year, Mayan prophecies aside, and it is clearly our choice which way we go. It is definitely a book that is just in time...for those of us with ears to hear and eyes to see and hearts to open. siouxlu
  • Timothy Schreier - While not the paradigm shift it's predecessor were, it's still very good.I can understand how people are frustrated with game for numerous reasons, but I find there is a lot more good than bad in Diablo 3.

    I played Diablo 1 and 2 to death, and those games were revolutionary. Diablo 3 is just a streamlining, distillation of what makes Diablo fun... and guess what? That makes for a really fun game.

    The action is faster paced than D2 could ever be. And the skill system may not be as complicated as D2, but you have everything available to you all the time. If the game gets monotonous, you can try out different combinations and change the way your character plays. I'm playing a witch doctor and focused on exploding zombie dogs my first playthrough, my second is focusing on slow and poison.

    I'll admit it doesn't feel as atmospheric nor does it have the same sense of foreboding in the voice over, but those qualities are ultimately lost on the player anyway once they get into the thick of the action.

    I don't think this genre of game is for everyone. But for people who have enjoyed games like Diablo and Torchlight in the past, if you just play the game and have fun with what D3 actually does better than the previous games (the crazy fast pace) I promise you'll have a great time.
  • Kavin Coughenour - Modern Military ClassicAlthough presented as military fiction, Ralph Peters' CAIN AT GETTYSBURG is a magnificient work and welcomed addition to the historiography of the Battle of Gettysburg. This book is a much more factual account of the Battle of Gettysburg than Michael Shaara's popular work THE KILLER ANGELS. Peters' work is important for a number of reasons. FIRST, this book goes a long way in righting the great injustice done to Major General George G. Meade in popular American history by denying him credit for the Union victory at Gettysburg and, instead, ascribing victory to his subordinates. Meade who takes command just three days before the battle: concentrates the scattered Army of the Potomac in a position to give battle and protect Washington, D.C.; penetrates General Lee's decision cycle on the evening of July 2, 1863; and, soundly defeats Lee on July 3, 1863. Meade accomplishes this feat despite a disloyal Chief of Staff [Butterfield] and an incompetent Corps Commander [Sickles]. General of the Army Dwight D. Eisenhower, no stranger to making critical decisions under extreme stress, wrote glowingly about Meade at Gettysburg [see AT EASE; STORIES I TELL MY FRIENDS, PP. 44-46]. SECOND, this is soldier's book written by a professional soldier and easily appreciated by a general readership. The depiction of Civil War combat in CAIN AT GETTYSBURG certainly rings true to those of us who have "seen the elephant" in one or more of America's recent wars. The dialogue is gritty and profane--just like in real combat! The combat sequence of the 26th North Carolina Infantry on July 1, 1863 as they attack into the firestorm of battle is simply superb. THIRD, the ingenious use of Colonel Wladimir "Kriz" Krzyanowski, a Union brigade commander, as a key character, introduces the reader to the great diversity of nationalities fighting in Meade's Army of the Potomac. As a retired U.S. Army Colonel of Special Forces, Army Historian, and Licensed Battlefield Guide at Gettysburg National Military Park I rate CAIN AT GETTYSBURG a modern military classic and I have enthusiastically recommended its reading to all my military and civilian tour groups!
  • T Arms - Norton 360 paid for itselfSince I've come back to Norton, I haven't had any problems that I had to take my computers to be fixed!! When I used other anti-virus software I always ran across a virus or something that would shut down my computers enough that I had to take them to the shop for repairs. I didn't have to go to the repair shop anytime I used Norton...that's enough for me to be completely satisfied with what Norton has to offer saving me money!!
  • S. Moon - Just what I wantedGot the same "door-buster" deal without the holiday madness! It takes up very little room on my tv stand, I've noticed no noise from it while it's on. The door opening on the top is a little awkward and took a little adjusting, but it's alright. I'd prefer other methods of loading discs, but oh well!