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  • Tousen71 - Great CaseI don't write reviews for products, if I like the product I don't typically need to say it. However, this case is pretty sweet. It back of your Macbook around the battery WILL be exposed when the laptop is closed, however when open it is completely covered and the chink in the cases armor is more aesthetic than anything. The red is bright Candy red but not over powering. It's very beautiful and the rubberized coating makes it easy to grip. Great case from a typical non-reviewer.
  • GAL "GAL" - it's a miracle workerI bought this for my adolescent daughter because she suffers from PMS about a week before, then 3 more days into it she starts to feel human again. I'd looked into Premsyn and other products before and it just seemed like a whole lot of ibuprofen and some had caffeine, which is the LAST thing you need when you're feeling like crap. I totally agree with the other reviewers that this Premsyn is the original, the real deal - containing the ingredients that work. I use it too as I'm menopausal and could use all the help I can get. It has been a little miracle worker for my daughter and I'm SO grateful for the 3 Pack because we're going to run out pretty soon.
  • debrah fasolo - Life Code by Dr. Phil McGrawThis book really nails it. The information in it is priceless. I am 59 yrs. old and think every one of all ages should read this. I bought this book since I am a caregiver of 10 yrs and moved back to my home state. (I was in Florida for 33 yrs) Therefore being a caregiver I don't have very much opportunity to get to meet people for friends. But most of the people that I have met I walk away wondering "things" about them most of the time. This book gives you a fantastic insight of what to watch for and the red flags. I have highlighted things in it as well as using dividers for easy reference. I think everyone should read this because there are so many baiters (a term Dr. Phil uses) in this world. Wise up, get the book and learn how not to be taken advantage of.