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  • Christos Kaitatzis - A Must have for WritersI had to buy this book for my writing class and I didn't know what to expect but I was pleasantly surprised with the advice and the tasks at hand. They do help. Just open yourself up and follow the advice. I think it is an invaluable tool for people trying to explore their creativity. I highly recommend it because it appeals to people who are spiritual and who are not. It appeals to those who are blocked and to those who just need some help exploring new ways to be creative.
  • Doug - awesome tabletafter overclocking, this thing outperforms any tablet I've seen. Really love the size. I recommend getting the keyboard dock as it almost doubles battery life and basically turns it into a laptop. Wifi on mine isn't that bad (actually pretty comparable to my dell laptop), and i think most of the older versions might be the ones with the wifi issue, so it's not really a problem now. I haven't tried the GPS yet, but not a big deal if it doesn't work cause I never expected to use the tablet that way. I would recommend buying it used (I did for $325) in good condition as it can save you a boatload of money over a new one.
  • Duane G. Jacobs - The capacity is fantastic!I chose this unit over the Western Digital My-book because of the USB connectior issues I have read about in other Amazon reviews. The capacity of this unit is exceptional. It is truly backwards compatible to USB 2.0 and can use USB 3.0 when you need it. I tested it under USB v3.0 and it really "flew". Under USB 2.0, it dragged a bit, but not an issue, I just highlighted the content and let it copy away. The unit was smaller than I though, but is preforming well. I miss a power switch, but I assume it was designed for around the clock use. I deleted the Seagate software that is on the drive because I am not using it for backup, it feeds my media player. I was running out of space for my movie and television files storage, but that is not the case now. I highly recommend this drive.