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Weill Cornell Medical College in New York City | Cornell University - The mission of Weill Cornell Medical College is to provide the finest education possible for medical students and students pursuing advanced degrees in the biomedical sciences, to provide superior continuing education for the lifelong education of physicians throughout their career, to conduct research at the cutting edge of knowledge, to improve the health care of the nation and the world, both now and for future generations, and to provide the highest quality of clinical care.


Country: North America, US, United States

City: 10065 New York, New York

  • Allison Schaefer - Great stroller for tall parentsI'm 6'1" and have found this stroller very easy to push. I do not kick the back of the stroller seat, nor do I step on the bar that is attached to the two back wheels, because the bar curves away, and I don't have to hunch over to push it. It's very easy to push and glides very well, almost too well. It also feels very lightweight and easy to pop up on curbs and some stairs. To collapse I push a button and pull teh strap in the middle of the seat. To open, I press the lever and it release and pops back open. Doesn't get much easier than this. My child appears comfortable.

    My spouse is 6'8"...he does have to bend over to push the stroller, however he has to do this w/ the majority of the strollers out there.

    I wish the basket underneith was bigger to hold all of my junk.
  • Brennen - Amazing!I pre-ordered the tablet from amazon the second round and ive been playing with a new tablet for a week and best buy wont even have them for another week! Awesome tablet! definitely rivals the Ipad2. Its fast and sleek, and cheaper. Thank you Amazon for the quick delivery!!
  • Pam R - Best SecurityI like AVG because it is easy to use (I'm a novice) and walks me through most everything. Also, I tried Norton anti-virus that was free with my Comcast subscription and it slowed down my computer-very annoying when streaming movies...don't have the problem anymore with AVG. Had AVG free and then upgraded.
  • Typical Geek - Nice Program!I finally got around to creating a will because I had this program. Installation is straight-forward. Program is easy without turning to any type of manual or help page. I was also able to create a living will for my state for each of us and a durable power of attorney. I'm sure a lawyer could tweak this but I've compared the output to my parents will that was drawn up by an attorney and I don't see anything missing. The beautiful thing is you can update it as needed. Thinking of heading out of the country but recently purchased a piece of land? Update the will. Any change in your life and you can update any documents quickly. The format is setup like an interview. Answer the questions and it builds the documents. Every document is explained in enough detail that I never needed to dig into help.

    So stop putting it off. It's cheap and you can knock it out on a rainy afternoon in an hour or so.