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  • John P. Wright Col. USMC (Ret.) - Escape From DavaoI have read numerous books on the war in the Pacific during WWII and would rank Escape From Davao by John Lukacs as one of my most enjoyable. The author does an excellent job of organizing many details into an interesting and fact filled read. The escape of the Americans from the cruelty of the Japanese run POW camp in Davao, and their trek through the Philippine jungle with the help of the Philippine guerillas is inspiring and exciting. Like he does for us today, it is too bad Mr. Lukacs couldn't have been around to help the men who escaped from Davao tell their story to the brass of that era. Perhaps many more service men would have survived.
  • Jeff Lippincott "JLIPPIN" - I thought the book was well done and definitely worth the sticker price!I liked this book. I found it to be well written and well organized. It really is not just a book since it comes with its own "MCAT Online Companion." But the book is 1057 pages and its Table of Contents reads as follows:

    i. Preface
    ii. How to use this book
    1. Test strategies
    2. Biology
    3. General Chemistry
    4. Organic Chemistry
    5. Physics
    6. Verbal Reasoning
    7. Writing Sample
    8. Full-Length Practice Test
    A. Tear-Out Cheat Sheets

    When you register with the MCAT Online Companion you are directed to do the following:

    First: Take the online diagnostic quiz
    Second: Get to know the MCAT and create your own study plan
    Third: Monitor your progress with practice tests
    Fourth: Watch the fast fact videos offered for the chapters in the book

    I went to the Web site for the Association of American Medical Colleges [AAMC] (which adminsters the MCAT) and examined what it had to say about the test. It seemed to pretty much cover the same material provided in the book being reviewed. So by getting the instant book one can get a slightly different perspective on the MCAT and probably get a better handle on it as a result.

    Sample tests from the AAMC cost $35 a pop, so the price of the instant book along with its Online Companion seems to be a real bargain at the price Amazon lists. I have a friend who is a fan of another test prep package for the MCAT called Examkrackers Mcat Complete Study Package. It might be a little better in its coverage of the Physical Science and Biological Science sections if you are going to use the books to actually teach you the material covered on the test. But I hope you are only using this book or ExamKracker's book to help you organize your college textbook and class note materials relevant to the test. As a result, you can find the inaccuracies included in this book regarding the science content that will be tested on the MCAT.

    I think I would have liked the book a little better if Chapter 5 on Physics had been switched with Chapter 2 on Biology. I say this because the Physical Sciences portion of the MCAT covers physics and basic chemistry. The Biological Sciences portion of the MCAT covers biology and organic chemistry. The way I suggest the book be organized the related topics would be covered next to one another. The way they are covered they are not. All in all, I thought the book was well done and definitely worth the sticker price. 5 stars!
  • Jenny Jones - Keurig Mini is awesome!Fast service, nice price, awesome product! Getting a cup of coffee has never been so convenient! This coffee maker was a fathers day gift for my father who drinks coffee at all hours. He is very happy with this machine. When he gets in from work late, it's so easy for him to get a cup of coffee when no one else wants any. I searched all over for the best prices for this little machine, and amazon had the best prices!