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  • Andrew "Arsen23" - Great Game - Not Sure What Everyone Is Complaining AboutBought this game directly from Blizzard via download. Worked fine with no connection issues. Really have no idea what everyone is complaining about, this is a great game. I've had a lot of fun getting into it and the cut scenes are very well produced (you can tell Blizzard spent a lot of money and time putting this together). Just because you can't log in the first day or don't have internet connection you have to complain and give it one star - unfortunately piracy has this necessary. My experience with this game has been first rate and I've really gotten addicted to exploring the game and finding new loot. I have a pretty new rig and am able to play the game on max settings without an issue. I would kindly suggest you ignore the complainers and give this game a try!
  • A. Meador - Don't be Afraid - it's Exactly the Same or all depends. Here is Windows 8 explained in a nutshell:
    There are 2 components to Windows 8. The Start Screen (Metro) and the Desktop (same as it ever was, mostly).

    1) The Start Screen
    First, imagine that your start menu has been turned into a screen all by itself. Microsoft only type apps and folders (Internet Explorer, messaging, xbox live account and photos to name a few) can run in this new screen. The new screen is made up of "tiles", which include apps that run on the start screen, as well as the apps you use all the time on the desktop. Think of it as a "one stop shop" for things you access frequently, at a glance as it were.

    If you open say, the photos "tile", it goes to a new screen and shows you a big "tile" of the photos in your "my pictures" folder, but also shows you "tiles" of photos you have in facebook, flickr, skydrive etc.. If you want to close this or any Start Screen screen you've just opened, reach to the top and you get a little hand, and drag it to the bottom and it closes, showing you the start screen again. This is one of the only things that seems geared towards use on a touchscreen (ie, drag instead of click "close" button), and using a mouse is still intuitive and easy once you know what to do. These open screens continue to run if not closed in the background, and can be accessed on your desktop mousing over the left side. That's it! Easy. Basically, the Start Screen acts as a stand-alone for mobile devices, or a jazzed up start menu for the desktop.

    2) The Desktop
    If you don't want to look at the start screen, click the desktop "tile" and voila, you're on your desktop. Just like the old days! Whew! The ONLY thing that is readily different on your desktop is that there is no longer a start menu button/icon. Windows 7 users will already feel at home. You can pin any applications to the task bar. Or, you can click the application you want to launch on the Start Screen, and you instantly pop to the desktop as the app opens. Same as the start menu. Pinned apps will show the most recently accessed documents, and the File Explorer (previously library) will show most recently accessed items.

    From the desktop, there are 2 ways to access the start screen again. One is to mouse down to the bottom left corner (sound familiar?) and your Start Screen in miniature opens up. Click it and you go to the Start Screen. Or, mouse over the right corners and you'll get what are called "charms" which are transparent and will pop-up over an open window on your desktop. These consist of search, share, start (screen), devices and settings. Use settings to shut down or restart. Additionally, if you've left anything running on the start screen, mousing over the left side of your monitor will show the windows in miniature, which you can then click on and go to. As far as the Start Screen appearance, you can say what stays or goes just as you can on the start menu. Just drag and drop the tiles to arrange, and try right clicking to see how to change size, pin or get rid of items. You can also view all the applications right out in the open instead of buried in folders.

    Another thing that's not necessarily geared to touch screens, is that things scroll sideways when using the Start Screen apps. Not up and down. By rolling your mouse wheel (if you have one) the screen will scroll sideways instead. Since 16:9 monitors are so popular now, vertical real estate is at a premium. Applications and browsers are doing away with topside menus. So, they're leveraging the horizontal space you have, and adding to it.

    - Fast FAST boot
    - Amazing installation process (if doing fresh build or upgrade)
    - Clever and easy new organizational structure
    - Files/folders finally make sense
    - Multi platform - can access everything on PC or mobile
    - Works well with mouse, tablet or touch screen
    - Start Screen geared towards mobile devices
    - Desktop Screen geared towards PC users
    - Key commands speed things up
    - Simple solid look - buh-bye Aero! - means faster running

    - At first foreign, strange and scary (click desktop fast!)
    - Hidden items on desktop (hot-spots) and key commands at first confusing
    - Questionable items/apps on Start Screen
    - Windows 7 Aero transparency look is gone (save for taskbar)
    - Start Screen apps run independent of desktop apps (what there are of them)

    So, bottom line - you can go to your desktop and ignore the start screen altogether. Or, you can use it. Me? I tend to ignore it really. I'm not into social networking, xbox, shopping, nor do I have a lot of stuff living in the cloud. You? You may or may not find a use for it depending on how you use your computer.

    As far as speed, 8 has it all over 7. Installs are mind-bogglingly perfect. Heck, on install it recognized every single peripheral and card on my computer, and got itself hooked into the network with NO intervention on my part. I was all ready to enter all the IP addresses, passwords and install all the print drivers etc. I did no (ZERO) work. Except for connecting my VPN. Amazing. I was dual-booting to 7 as I was not completely sold on 8, until the second day. Now it boots straight to 8. It takes mere seconds.

    There will be other things that are new to you, but easily ignored if you like. For instance, folders now have navigation and contextual menus show as menu items. A lot of folks had no idea about contextual menus, well here they are out in the open. You can use a single window as a way to navigate your computer. You'll see tabs and menu items and can organize however you like - or leave it default and use it the old way. As mentioned, the Windows Media Center is a separate program now. Currently as of this writing it's free - give them your logon email for a key to download. Their thinking is so many people either don't use it or buy a third party app - which sort of makes sense. I never used it, but got the free download just in case.

    I'd recommend getting Windows 8 now while it's at such a great price. If you buy a new PC, don't be afraid. Installation on an existing PC & network was painless. I even just installed new hardware and it was far easier than Windows 7. This is the best windows yet, and I was skeptical.

    Windows 8. It's exactly the same, only different! 5 stars.
  • D. L. Worthing "Graphic Designer" - A Floyd 'gem"Pink Floyd's second post-Roger Waters and would be the band's last release "The Division Bell" is an excellent disc.
    Like its first non-Waters release, A Momentary Lapse of Reason, it proves again that the Floyd could carry on and make great music without their former bass player and main songwriter.
    The band's swan song disc is full of great Floyd music including "Take it Back" and "High Hopes".
    If you missed this one back in 1995 go back and check this one out. It's a Floyd gem.
  • mary s - This is PERFECT for rural pet ownersI have a cat who doesn't just wander off occasionally...he wanders off every single time I let him out. And he likes to pick fights...and he's a terrible any time he is left out after dark he comes home with his face battered and cut up. I try to get him in before dark but, until now, the only way I had to do that was to stand on the patio and call him, which wasn't working. I tried the Pet Loc8tor device but it didn't have enough range for me because I live in a rural wooded area. But the Tagg Pet Tracker works like magic. It does have a monthly subscription fee, but for me, it is well worth the $6.93/month (discount from $7.95 for purchasing on an annual basis) for the peace of mind. It arrived yesterday and I set up the account - which has to be done on a computer, not on a smartphone - and charged it up last night. Today I put it on the cat's collar and let him outside. All day it tracked him, and I could see right where he was by going to the Tagg website, and by text messages that Tagg sent showing what street address he was closest to at any given time. I could call up the last text and send "locate" and it would update his location within minutes. This device is a true Godsend for me and my kitty, and will prolong his life because it will enable me to stop him from being out at night when he likes to get beat up. I cannot say enough about it. And, by the way, whatever customer service problems Tagg had that caused several reviewers to have trouble have not been apparent to me. In fact, I have used the Live Chat assistance and called on the phone, and both times I was immediately connected to a very helpful person. Also, my cat weighs 12 pounds and this device is a little bulky but it didn't pose a problem, and the kit I bought from Amazon came with a padded cloth cover included for the device, which I saw sold separately for $17.95 and I think it made the device more comfortable for the cat.