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  • Elaine Lammlein - Right On Target - 5 StarsA great read. I learned valuable information about how to detect people and trust my instincts. Make every effort not to become victimized. The object of this book is to rely on your own instincts and become more alert in today's world. If there is a slight doubt, pay attention and protect yourself and your family. Make every effort not to become vulnerable. The users usually out number the givers in today's world.
  • MotorolaDave - This stuff is simply amazing.Ok here's the drill...this stuff really works. I'll be the first one to tell you that prior to taking FiveLac I didn't believe in holistic "crap" like this. Eating healthy? Never in my agenda.
    After 8 years of feeling overly tired all the time, having constant nightly headaches, and dozens of doctor visits someone told me about "Candida."

    First time I heard about Candida I thought it was a load of crap and was highly against anything to do with it. Well I got to point where I was desperate and decided to give it a try. I went on the Candida diet strict for two weeks and started to feel better...but still didn't feel all of my symptoms went away. So I decided to try use FiveLac after just a few days taking 3-4 packets a day I felt like a whole new person. I'm serious. My life is totally different now! I have tons of energy now and I haven't had a headache in weeks. I seriously love this stuff. I thought i'd spread the love by writing this review.

    If you are thinking you might have Candida and can't seem to get a leg up on it then just give this stuff a try. It seriously has changed my life. I feel normal again.

    Thank You FiveLac!