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  • true believer - absolutely amazing results!!!I bought this because I was having odor problems for years. I had been to the doctor got tested for everything and nithing was wrong.. . and tried every antibiotic available as well as all over the counter treatments. I just figured I would have to live with this problem and almost cried on a daily basis. My husband was very understanding but after 15 years I was so embarassed to b with him.
    NOT ANYMORE! !! I usually think all products are scams...but I was so shocked by this one. Water and stainless steel???? Who knew? I was so desperate to try anything.. and im so glad I came across this. It truly works. I feel fresh all day...no discharge or odor. This thing saved my sex life and my husband is sooooo much happier too. Thank you Abbott! !! U are a Godsend!
  • Steve Aquillano - A must for eating out!This chair is amazing! We started using this for our son when he was about 6 months old. It is useful for many reasons:
    1. Your baby can sit at your level with you when you eat.
    2. The chair cradles the baby (most high chairs for kids, especially when they are young, are way too big). We were not worried that he would fall back in the chair and we didn't have to support him with blankets like we usually do.
    3. Maybe most important - you don't have to worry about your baby hitting their face on the table (or using the table as a chew toy).
    4. Very portable to leave in the car and use when you go out to eat.
    5. Very good quality. Extremely sturdy.