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  • Amanda - Read it again recently, still just as powerfulThe first time I read this a couple years ago I did it in one sitting. One, very long, very tense sitting. It's very difficult to put down. I've always been keen on the post-apocalyptic genre (mad max...fallout...etc) and it's great to have a respected author treat the subject seriously. This book also introduced me to Cormac McCarthy and for that it's worth all the stars in the world.
  • Denise - Great product for IBS!My doctor suggested I try this product to get my IBS under control. I was thrilled to try something that didn't require drugs that might have negative side effects. By the 4th day I noticed a significant difference. I'm so glad I bought this on Amazon because the cost in the store is far more than what I paid on Amazon. I also like that I can subscribe and have it automatically delivered!
  • BrittneyMG - The pen is mightier!The sturdy construction is definitely strong enough for a man, but the ink is PH balanced for a woman! I've never had better results when dotting i's with smiley faces than I do with this! The versatility is amazing! Now I can write boys' names on my notebook and on my denim jacket without having to switch pens!

    Speaking of exclamation points, this pen is perfect for writing them with hearts instead of dots! Thanks Bic!
  • LEIGH - Great Software!This is a great tool to manage your finances and plan for the future. It lets you do everything, just about....You can update bank account info. so you dont have to balance your check book anymore. You can add your bills and set it up so they are paid online and are never late. You can plan a budget and it will show you how far you are in your spending every month and how much money you have left to work with.
    Can't say enough good things about this product!
  • Bruce Baskin - Best general reference book anywhereI've been getting the World Almanac since I was in grade school in the late 60's (it was a Christmas present), and throughout the years it's been the best general reference book of its kind. Nothing else compares to the sheer volume of information you'll get. You could spend hours at a time going through it because there's so much interesting data included.

    Want to know who owns Gatorade? There's a list showing the parent companies of dozens of name-brand items. How old is Zsa Zsa Gabor now? She's included in a pages-long list of birthdates for noted living entertainers. How about how much tuition at Harvard is? How many votes Ross Perot got in Connecticut in 1992? The tallest building in Houston? What Adam Dunn's batting average was last year? It's all here (sorry, Adam), and that's not even scratching the surface.

    They've been putting this thing out uninterrupted since 1868, and the reason why is that it seemingly has EVERYTHING in it, including profiles of cities, states and countries, the U.S. Constitution and a nearly 30-page section with a chronological world history starting when we were scratching stick figures into cave walls. There are other almanacs out there, but this is the only one I consider getting every year. It's the best by far.

    If your computer crashes or the power goes out and there's something you absolutely have to look up, this is the book to have.