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  • CMC "CMC" - I couldn't ask for MORE MOONSAt first I thought to myself, "I definitely need more moons than this" but I was reminded that in real life there is only one moon and that these wolves know that and this fact encourages them so they in turn glorify the moon by howling at it. I decided to do the same and since then have lost 30 pounds (10 pounds for each wolf, which begs the question: if there were more wolves would I lose more weight?), I've written 3 novels (1 novel for each wolf, same question applies), gained 3 million followers on twitter, produced 18 golden records (again do the math), and spent many moons chatting online with babes all day.

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  • Daniel - Rogaine & Propecia combined work wondersI've been using both rogaine and propecia (I know it's expensive) and they work really well together. I was losing my hair 4 years ago and I was stressing about it especially when my brothers and friends would joke about it. But I started to use Rogaine and it work but not as fast as I wanted so I started to use propecia and boy in a matter of 1 year not a single joke from them, they don't know that I started to use it so I know it's working and I can tell myself that my thin bald spot its gone and is back with thick hair. Like a lot of this comments say "Do not give up and lose hope" keep at it and be patient, I would give it a whole year to start to see results, don't go with the 3 or 6 months because you're going to lose hair to start with because it will come back thicker and stronger so do not give up. I've been using it for almost 5 years together and it's fine. The only issue I had with Rogaine is that it raised my high blood pressure but I was using the topical and I switch to the foam and it help a lot.