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  • Joy Erlenbusch - I love this!I have been working this plan and it has been awesome. I have food allergies and this plan allows me to customize what I eat. Chocolate, wine, and coffee on day three. I have lost weight and I feel great. If you read the book and still have a question they will answer questions over facebook.
  • "cajasu@aol.com" - VIVIDI am reading Diana G's books in order, thanks to this board. Claire and Jamie's story is outstanding. In this issue, she returns to the 1750's when she discovers Jamie is still alive there. The changes they have both been thru for the past 20 years are realistic and heart-wrenching. Every description is vivid and you feel tremendously throughout the whole book. Claire is now a doctor which comes in very handy for everyone. The humor and love between these two is so wonderful to read. They get into so much trouble you CANNOT put the book down until you see them safely out of it! :) I cannot believe how fast I read the first 3 and now will begin the fourth. I wish I could have my paychecks sent directly to my home instead of disturbing my reading flow! Enjoy!
  • Michael "Mike" - Good, basic protectionI purchased a three-pc version of Norton Antivirus 2012 back in October and installed it on three of my PCs - two desktops and one laptop. It's worked perfectly since. It's been awhile since I had made that purchase and tonight I found that the antivirus protection on my other laptop had expired. My dad's desktop had also recently expired too so I decided to run over to Best Buy and pick up another 3-user box. Bad move. While Amazon's current price is just over $20 I paid %59.99 plus tax at Best Buy. I wish I had remember buying it here before I made that trip. Do yourself a favor - you need to have virus protection on your PCs and Norton is one of the top performers. Plan far enough ahead and get it from Amazon - you'll get a great product at a great price!
  • Catbird - An Addict all the sameLet's get serious. Love Addiction, Avoidance Addiction, Alcohol Addiction, Drug Addiction, Gambling Addiction, Food Addiction. Don't fool yourself, it's all the same. It's a painful compulsive behavior. It's a sickness and you'll need help. Pia Mellody does a great job of explaining the "disease" and laying out steps to overcome it. Take her advice. Do the work. I am a happier healthy person because I used her advice as one of my tools for healing.
  • Barbara Jo Scales "Embu Reviewer" - excellent continuation of lovely storyThis was a another installment of McCall Smith's wonderful series of books set in Botswana. Having lived in Kenya 35 years, every book of this series has caused me to pleasantly remember my life in Africa. Smith treats the characters gently and carefully, giving them very believable personalities and lives. While reading, it is hard to think that Smith is a man writing the thoughts and feelings of an African woman.