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  • Cara A Williams - Excellent bookCouldn't put this book down. This book is first and foremost an engrossing and entertaining story. It's also thought-provoking social critique of otherness. The critiques of lack of answers are silly since the author is clearly invoking magical realist elements and there aren't meant to be answers. Well-written and formally interesting, I can't wait to see what this author does next.
  • John S Helm - LOVE ITFirst tablet that I have bought. Does almost everything I wanted it for. I would and have recommended it to friends.
  • B. Bowen - Great Calendar as alwaysI have purchased this calendar every year for more than 10 years. I love the photos from Yosemite National Park the most. In fact, I've traveled to Yosemite from Florida due to the photos I have admired from Ansel Adams over the years (a great trip to one of the most awesome spots in the US). This is very much recommended.
  • Reno J - My iPads Now Sit IdleMy family owns 3 iPad 2s. I love them. The iPad 2 is a great product. The problem is Apple itself: their DRM restrictions, having to do everything through iTunes, and on and on. The Android Samsung is so easy to use. On a computer, the Galaxy Tab 2 is recognized as an external hard drive & one simply has to drag and drop MP3s or MP4 movie files that have been ripped to the appropriate folder in Windows Explorer - no restrictions. My iPads (as well as my Kindle Fire) have a limited amount of internal storage (16gb for the Apples, 5gb for the Fire). The Samsung has 16gb onboard, but the addition of a microSD card slot of up to 32gb is a godsend - unlimited storage with multiple cards.

    Screen size: the iPad is more old school TV or computer monitor 4x3 while the Samsung is closer to modern 16x9.

    Over the last few years, I've bought multiple products (Apple, Archos, Kindle, iHome, etc.), and for the most part they've been good devices, but none of them did everything I wanted them to do in one product until I got the Galaxy Tab 2. It meets all of my requirements. I'm finally completely satisfied with one electronic device. Thank you Samsung. Oh, yeah. The screen quality is great, also.
  • VondaK - Quicken Home & Business DownloadI have been very pleased with this product! It is exactly what I was expecting in a Financial Management software, and has been easy to learn how to use. I was concerned about what would happen if I had PC trouble, and didn't need to wait long to find out, as I got a really aggressive virus within two weeks of my purchase. I was able to download the product again without any trouble at all!