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  • Mr. T. Candy - This product is amazing!Exposed skincare products are THE best treatment for acne that I have EVER found. I have suffered from acne in varying degrees since I was thirteen. I am now in my late thirties. A well-meaning doctor told me kindly as a young teenager, `Don't worry, you'll grow out of it.' You know what? I never did. The doctors put me on everything; every antibiotic known to man, so it seemed, was tried with varying results that never lasted long. Eventually I was put on Roaccutane - three times: and although there were improvements and the acne never came back as badly it still persisted to a lesser degree. After having put up with this skin problem for over two decades I had had enough. I knew someone; somewhere must have found something that works. I was right.

    I am a hypnotherapist and so I am used to doing things that are off the beaten path. I can tell you I was immediately impressed by the Exposed skincare website; it was highly professional and very informative - its product range was totally different from anything else, using science, herbs and even utilising probiotics to help treat acne (I had discovered that the health of the human gut and acne were linked before). I soon had very high expectations of these products and they were not let down - they were surpassed. What these products will give you is hope and confidence. Hope that you have found something that ACTUALLY works and the benefits are cumulative, so the acne gets better the more you use the products. You will have confidence that your skin can and will be clear again. My skin is so healthy now it is unbelievable, the improvements started by the next morning, within days my skin was noticeably clearer, within a week it was almost blemish free. Although now and again the odd small flare up occurs, using the products they were controlled and eliminated within days - this stuff destroys acne without harming you.

    I have experienced no side effects and my skin is now after many months use incredibly healthy looking. An old friend of mine said that my complexion now `glowed'. After years of acne I never thought anyone would say that to me. One of the worst things about acne is the way it attacks your self-image and self-confidence. These products restored mine. I hope they will do the same for you. I would advise anyone to give them a go and see how they work for them. I will go so far as to say that Exposed products are a revolution in acne treatments and I know because I tried `em all! The things is don't make Exposed your last chance make it your first choice in acne treatment. You will be amazed and so will everyone you know and those you don't. I can honestly say that using Exposed products was one of the best decisions I ever made.
  • M. King - Relief from back pain can be a realityI would recommend Esther's book to anyone who is experiencing back pain. Her approach is unique and she offers relief for so many people who suffer from back problems of all types. Her focus on posture and the way we sit, stand, lie down, and walk is a whole new approach to improved back health, which in turn leads to an improved overall healthy life.
    Over the years I had tried everything from surgery and many other approaches from the clinical medicine world as well as many methods in alternative medicines. There had been times when I achieved some very limited relief but it was never long lasting. And in a short period of time I always would find myself back in the same old chronic pain situation. With Esther's approach I saw improvement very quickly and I've just completed my first year with my new back regimen and the differences are startling. I have far less pain, no longer rely on pain medications to get me through the day and my quality of life has improved tremendously.
    People frequently ask me what I've done to achieve the positive changes in my health and I always recommend Esther's methods to achieve wellness. Without hesitation I would recommend Esther's book to anyone who is living their life with painful back problems.
  • CK_68847 - Very good service and a very good tablet....I have to say amazon did a very good job of getting this product out. It said it would ship in 3 to 4 weeks. It ended up shipping in less than a week. It was arrived on time as normal also. The shipping aspect gets 5 stars.

    Now for the tablet itself: I about canceled my order because a lot of the reviews bashing the wifi. The wifi connection on mine is very good. I have a new ipod touch, and i put them both by each other in the house, and the prime was every bit as good or better than the touch. I am not a computer guy, but I would think the touch and ipad have similar wifi distance. The prime is also very fast and easy to use. It is easy to browse and download apps. The camera was also better than I expected. Overall I would rate this tablet a 5 also.
  • Gilbert Gonzalez Jr. - Q: Can One Book Settle This Debate? A: Possibly...No topic is more controversial in our Christian culture right now than the issue of the LGBT community and their relationship to the Church.
"Do we accept these people as `gay' or `lesbian'?" 

    "If we accept and affirm them as they are, won't they just stop trying to change?"
    "We want to include everyone into the family of God, but how can we as Christians stand by and allow people to live any `lifestyle' they choose and still affirm them as followers of Christ?"
    "Aren't we just allowing them to sin?"
    "Shouldn't we uphold God's standards for marriage and the family?"
James Brownson answers these questions and so many more in a way I have never read any other author in my five years of study on this topic.

    What I appreciate most about Brownson's approach is that it is relatable without neglecting scholarly wisdom. He keeps it on topic, genuine, and confronts some of our most primary concerns in a brave, unprecedented way bringing profound understanding to the core root of this issue. 

    The most impressive part of his book is the most important part: the Bible. Nothing means more to us as Christians than the Word of God and making sure that all of our beliefs line up with it and that we are not twisting it to suit our motives, agendas, or selfish desires. Brownson executes this beautifully showing the highest regard for Scripture and it's supreme authority over every cultural debate. Explaining and amplifying the Bible's culture, context, and custom has never been done with as much passion, research, wisdom, and substance than this book. 

Brownson's approach is gentle, solid, full of wisdom, and non-argumentative in contrast to some of the other authors out there on this subject. In fact, Brownson more thoroughly covers topics previously mentioned by other authors vital to understanding this issue such as "gender complimentarity", patriarchy, sexual rebellion (choice), and Biblical marriage. 

    I not only highly recommend this book, but I might even BUY IT for any one seriously searching for truth on this subject. For those of you that have been praying for understanding on this topic, this book is definitely for you. You won't be disappointed. You will walk away from this book ready to engage in more productive conversation. You will walk away ready to love LGBT people the right way, the way Christ does. You will walk away ready to change the world. Happy reading!