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  • Stephanie Roach - Awesome buy "Lazer" from the moonCheck this story out:

    Ordered this Canon Laser on Wednesday afternoon and there was a knock at the door on Thursday! It was less than 20 hours and my printer was sitting on my porch. Thank you again Amazon PRIME. How's that for free shipping (subscription) service?!

    oh, the laser printer itself, you ask? Great!
    Great quality all-in-one.
    Great price!
    Even from the point of unpacking the box, you can tell it was packed with care.
    The mechanics of the printer body, feed trays and other mechanisms look like they've gone thru many generations of very high quality designs and improvements. Or Canon just has some great talent working on the printers.

    Double-sided printing works great!
    Software driver installation was easy on every computer (windows 7 prof & home versions)
  • Jakitra - AMAZING!A constant sufferer of cold sores all my life and would have never believed that something could work so fast and cost as less. I was blown away by the results of this fast acting medicine and am now a fan for life..." I received a free sample of Orajel single dose Cold Sore Treatment from Smiley360"
  • Seamus O'Boogie - How do I love theeHow do I love thee, Tuscan whole milk, 1 gallon, 128 fl oz, Let me count the ways.

    I love thee to the depth and breadth and height of a full, frosty glass

    My soul can reach, when feeling out of sight, your taste is so sweet, to my tongues own delight

    For the ends of Being and ideal Grace, drinking Tuscan whole milk, 1 gallon, 128 fl oz, is better than getting sprayed with mace

    I love thee to the level of everyday's, blowing bubbles outside, soaking in the suns warming rays

    Most quiet need, by sun and candle-light, I wish I could buy more Tuscan whole milk, 1 gallon 128 fl oz, but my budget is tight

    I love thee with the passion put to use, I share you with friends, my morals are loose

    Smiles, tears, of all my life! - and, if God only choose, I'd forever drink Tuscan whole milk, 1 gallon, 128 fl oz, and forgo the booze

    I shall but love thee better after death, but that won't be soon, so don't hold your breath.
  • L. Gelinas - An honest look at a world often obfiscated by myth and clicheI have a bit of an insider view on the material covered in this book, and appreciate Fischl's honesty in his telling of tales about himself and the art world, some of which have been so cloaked in myth and cliche it is hard to know what is "real."

    This is a quick but enjoyable read as Fischl's friendly but thoughtful personality shines through. From the press reviews I was expecting bitterness and sour grapes, but Fischl seems to have his head screwed on remarkably well for someone who has experienced the ups and down of a high-profile career in the international contemporary art world. I would definitely recommend this memoir to anyone wishing to have insight into the human side of "the art world." I especially appreciated his ruminations about the effect of the art market, especially the auction houses, on living artists.
  • Ginger - Love this strollerThis is a great umbrella stroller, all my friends love it too. It is very easy to open and close and is still very stable when being pushed. The seat is great with a very high back. The recline feature does need two hands to adjust, is very handy, and does not move once set. The basket is nicely sized but access is very limited when the seat is reclined, as with all umbrella strollers. The lap belt could be easier to adjust, but once it's set it says put. Pushing this stroller is a dream; I think it is just as good, if not better, than a Maclaren. And a nice bonus, the wheels don't touch the hood when closed, no dirty spots on your stroller. Overall, this is a great stroller and well worth the money.