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  • camark97 "camark97" - Susan is a tough lady.I am from Camden Arkansas and I new Susan Henley McDougall and several members of her family. We were not terribly close but in a small town everyone knows everyone. I am not surprised Susan responded the way she did to the OIC but I am surprised at how bad things got for her. I also agree with her politics. All in all I loved the book but I wanted to let other readers know of my biases. It was down to earth and relays her side of the story in an entertaining manner. Susan if you read this, thanks for signing my book. E-mail me, and let's have dinner at the White House, the next time I am home....Sam
  • M. Dewaters "marymarywhereyougointo" - awesomeI'm a medical student, and this book is awesome for studying at night. you can pick ten random subjects and basically learn everything you need to know in two concise pages. i wish it had pictures, but the book is so giant already i cant imagine how much heavier it would be with them. fully recommend it!
  • Ashley Sabados "asabados" - The most powerful device I have ever owned!By far one of the greatest technology related products I have ever owned! The fact that Amazon keeps pushing more, and more additional content to the device is the basis why no other competitor can even match the quality, and content aspect of the Kindle.

    I spent eight months waiting for the 2nd generation Kindle to come out without any luck! This is due to the fact that the first generation product works extremely well, while Amazon focuses on the most important aspect of the Kindle.. The ability to access an even greater range of content.

    I have spent the entire week showing my entire office floor this fantastic device. If you are Denver, and want to see the device before buying I would be more than happy to show you how the Kindle looks and works.

    The potential for this product in regards functionality, and purpose is unlimited!
  • LaShonda Bates "Lady Quick" - Excellent ProtectionMy husband installed McAfee AntiVirus Plus 2011 on my computer over a month ago and I love it! It was easty to install and took less than 10 minutes to upload onto my laptop. With this protection, I've been protected against spyware, viruses, and certain cookies that make my computer run slow. Updates upload to my computer in a timely manner! Also, start up and shut down time has been cut in half! We bought our oldest son a laptop for Christmas and usually, the sample virus protection that's included with the laptop lasts a year. Well, when my son logged on to his laptop one day, the McAfee AntiVirus Plus 2011 let me know that a computer on my network was not protected against viruses. We checked all of the computers in the house and sure enough, unbeknownst to us, my son's virus protection had expired. My husband was also able to install this protection on his and my son's laptop, without having to do it on the same day. I love this protection and will continue to use it in the future.
  • Sweet Chick "Heather" - Finally...A Slice of Originality!I have read many a book and I was getting to the point of thinking everyone had the same plot...same characters...same story. Not this one! Thrilling...Fascinating...and yes, even ORIGINAL; just a few of the words I can use to describe this book.

    As I read Illuminati 2012, I enjoyed each and every moment of it. It's a shame it wasn't longer, but the story was truly brilliant nonetheless. If there IS any truth to the fiction, you'd better get a flashlight and hide underneath the bed; I'll meet you there!

    Make sure you have plenty of time to spare if you start this book because I guarantee you won't get much done until you finish it! If like me, you enjoy a little mix of science fiction, mystery, and thriller - this is the book for you...