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  • Steven Hepokoski - Unexpected use!I thought this was another drawer cluttering, single-use gadget that I would use once and put in the next garage sale. Actually it jammed the drawer in a tangle with other gadgets so frequently that I got frustrated and threw it out the back door. It sailed in a perfect arc around by back yard and landed at my feet on the deck. Now, with just a few months practice, I can use it to clear the yard of bird-feeder raiding squirrels. Squirrel chips anyone? G'day mates.
  • Becky - I did it myselfGetting the tax program at a cheaper rate was very appreciated. The program helped me to identify that I could save a great deal by choosing married filing separately rather than jointly as we always have done it given my husband's disability and high medical bills. It was great to know I could figure it out myself with the help of a program that knows all the rules.