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  • A155A - It's a great book, but hearing the man in person is way betterI love the way Matthew wrote this book, it's quite similar to hearing him speak with his high level of energy and conviction.

    This is especially good for women who have been single for a while and are taking the time to figure out the lessons learnt, in order to be able to move forward and be more successful in relationships.

    I truly recommend it.

    Hey Matthew: how about an audiobook, read by you? ;)
  • dotnango - GreatGreats doctor recommended to buy this book and carry it with me it is small enough for your purse great
  • Stacy - These are great little speakers.They arrived on time and for the money they are perfect for what I needed them for. No I don't like a lot of base and feeling vibration so if you are that kind of person they might not be for you. But for sitting at a computer and even listening to my itunes I have enjoyed them felt like they had a nice sound!