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  • jorge roque - It's great!I bought both Proactive and Exposed at the same time for my friends 13 year old daughter. She is already getting bad acne. Proactive was a failure. Exposed is working good, so I've continue to buy it for her. I do recommend it and I hope it will work for you as well since we are all different.
  • brittlestar - Comprehensive Med school InfoThis book gives you the overall view of all the medical schools in the US as well as Canada. It includes the general requirements, range and average MCAT scores of the accepted class of 2005 and also characteristics of student body. Very useful for those who are doing research on where to apply.
  • Anthony F - Great....love the lookThe items shipped quicjkly and safely.

    They look great and were very easy to install.

    I was a little suprised that they are plastic but I believe that most parts are these days.

    Great quality for the price.

    I would definitely recommend if your looking to upgrade look for a few bucks. I know it doesn't seem like it but they can change the look of the vehicle.
  • Gertrude, the Bad Queen "Live well, laugh lou... - Comprehensive and intelligentThis is the most interesting diet book I have seen in a while. This nutritionist, like many others, says to stay away from the fake foods. Our bodies need real foods, things that lived in some way, in order to heal from the toxins of what we have been eating. She has a background in agriculture and she uses that to reiterate why wheat is a problem and why corn is a problem. They are made to fill rather than nourish.

    The diets with all the prepackaged foods delivered to your door exacerbate many of these problems. They make the whole diet thing seem easy with pre-portioned and pre-organized foods. I would love to have someone else figure all that out for me so I don't spend an hour looking in the refrigerator, trying to figure out what to eat. But the ingredients in those prepackaged meals? Those are awful. It is much more difficult to eat real foods, to find them, to wash them, to prepare them.

    The list of Dos on the Fast Metabolism diet probably has all the answers for why this diet works. Eat every 3-4 hours while awake, 5 times a day. Eat within 30 minutes of waking. Stay on the plan for 28 days. Stick to the foods in your phase. Follow your phases in order. DRINK HALF OF YOUR BODY WEIGHT IN OUNCES OF WATER EVERY DAY. EAT ORGANIC. Eat nitrate free meat. Exercise according to your phase.

    The list of Don'ts for the first 28 days are daunting. No wheat, no corn, no dairy, no soy (still willing to give up soy), no refined sugar, no caffeine (!!!), no alcohol, no fruit juices or dried fruit, no pretend sugars, no fat free fake foods. And no peanut butter. In some ways this seems like every other diet out there. If you cut out all of those things for 28 days, you will probably lose weight without going through all of the hoops and phases and weeks and directions.

    This book offers comprehensive directions for eating. The phases look simple in some ways. 2 days of high-glycemic, moderate protein, low fat. 2 days of high protein, high vegetable, low carb and low fat foods. This is followed by 3 days of high healthy fat, moderate carbs. Moderate proteins, low glycemic. Each phase has a pattern of foods and snacks and exercise and is repeated every week for 4 weeks. In some ways this reminds me of what my trainer always tells me and that is to mix up foods and exercises in order to stay healthy. He also tells me to cut out the caffeine and alcohol. LOL! As if.