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  • Chuck Rivera - Best All-Around Protection and Easy Install

    Norton Internet Security continues to receive highest all-around scores by PC World, PC Magazine and other testing organization, so it is the only security product I consider for my computers. Newer versions like 2010, 2011 and beyond are not the memory hogs of previous versions so they will not slow your computer down.

    I bought this software in spite of it being available for free from Comcast. Why? An analysis of boot times for my computer using Soluto showed that Comcast's version of NIS added more than a minute and a half to the booting process as well as adding extra security features I did not want but could not get rid of nor could I turn them off.

    After I uninstalled Comcast's version and installed the purchased version, my boot time shortened significantly by more than a minute and I no longer have the annoying security popups.

    I continue to find the best prices at Amazon.

  • Melissa Darnay, author of Dating 101 - Don't Be Single Without It

    Many well-educated experts can't get their information across to the average person, because their writing style is more effective as a sleeping pill than a self-help manual. Leil Lowndes does the seemingly impossible in this book-she intertwines behavioral studies in a fun-to-read book. Nodding off is never an option, as she takes you on the exciting journey of capturing your quarry. And unlike some "experts" who only deal from their own personal experience, Ms. Lowndes constantly cites unbiased studies to back her claims.

    As an author and an avid reader, I love her use of language. "Hunters and Huntresses pursuing pedigreed prey should move differently from those stalking a wild cat. The polo-and-port set has a very different body language from the bowling-and-beer crowd." Her ability to paint a vivid picture and her use of alliteration makes her as much an expert with the English language as she is with relationships. As a dating expert myself, I am giving her the highest compliment when I say that hers is the best dating book on the market (aside from mine, of course!).

    Bottom Line-don't be single without it!

  • Jeff Edwards "RadioJeff" - Gilmour gives us his all--and shines with 'Division Bell'

    The debate rages on--and is likely to continue for as long as original Pink Floyd fans face off against a new crop of younger kids who believe that post-Roger Waters hasn't harmed the band in any way. I find myself somewhere in the middle. Do I miss Roger Waters? Of COURSE I do, he is a musical genius (even if a bit arrogant) and you cannot lose someone of his talent and still remain the same. HOWEVER, no matter HOW you view his departure, the rest of the band has been able to fill that void with a couple of CD's (and a couple Live releases as well) that allowed Gilmour and others to shine in ways they never could in the shadow of Roger. Of COURSE, Pink Floyd will always be a better band united rather than divided much like The Beatles were better together than individually--but even without Waters their last couple of CD's were amazingly good...this one being the better of the two (although I would place 'On The Turning Away' at the same level as ANY previous Floyd song).

    I have been in radio for years, and if the response to Pink Floyd's music by the listeners I have talked to is any indication, folks miss Roger, but they welcome (the majority anyway) Pink Floyd anyway they can get it, and view the band without him as still very worthy. I have had debates with my listeners sometimes for hours--some of them open minded, some view supporting Pink Floyd without Waters' as a traitorous act, well I consider myself a very open-minded person when it comes to music--ALL kinds of music, and 'The Division Bell' truly is a Pink Floyd album in all respects...not as good as 'The Wall' or 'Animals' or one of the all-time classics, 'Dark Side of The Moon' but STILL, a top notch CD with some masterful music performed by some of the best in the business. True fans will appreciate this album because no matter what your views may be, this is just good rock & roll music.

    -DJ Jazzy Jeff