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  • J. Horvath - H&R Block At Home 2011 Deluxe + StateI have used H&R Block's "At Home" federal tax product for the past 3 years and have been very pleased with its ease of use, availability of forms required by my situation and the ability to import the data from the previous year. When using the product in successive years, there is a nice comparison option that enable one to see how their tax situation changed year-over-year. I have also found pricing to be the lowest cost around. I expect this year's H&R Block At Home 2011 Deluxe + State to be nothing short of a solid product.
  • S. Walker "Wicked Walker Reviews" - Perfect tablet for my needsI wanted a bigger ereader than my Nook Color so I decided to upgrade to the Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 after tons of research of reading reviews and specifications (I am a nerd like that). The Galaxy Tab 2 has met everything in my expectations! It is smooth to use with bright vivid colors on the screen. I am newish to Android (was an Apple girl until a couple of months ago)but I really love the freedom that Android gives you. The screen on this tablet is plenty big...perfect for reading, games, movies etc. I have zero complaints and it pairs nicely with my new Galaxy S4 phone...they can wfi direct and send files back and forth.