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  • CHICKIE16 - This should be EVERY young girl's guide!!!After ready the first 2 chapters, I couldn't stop bragging about it to every female that I know. I seriously wish I had this book as I began to become a young woman some 14 years ago. I strongly believe EVERY teenage girl should read this book to learn how powerful she is and how to respect herself as a lady. This book has opened my eyes to many important things and I closed it with a new found self worth! Thank you, Miss Kara! You rock!!!
  • GAMADEUS "AMADEUS" - This is my fourth order of these pills...These pills we greatly help in digestion, I do not drink it every day, but periodically taking them and so I have no more problems with digestion in my stomach, do not create pain in the stomach like other laxative pills. I would recommend them to anyone who has a problem with digestion in the stomach ...
  • mom of four - stays cool - easy to usewe presently own two and i am now in the process of ordering two more...this product has easy to follow written/pictorial directions and stays comfortably cool...ours have never leaked (i would think that this could only occur if you didn't close the cap tightly or you punctured it somehow...it's made quite well).... it also easily fits inside standard pillow cases along with the pillow currently being used...another plus for me is that it's is made in america!
  • theTruth - Easy to install, very fast (Early 2008 MBP 15 in) (UPDATED!!)Let me start by saying I know nothing about the internal workings of a computer. Before performing this upgrade, I taught myself to change the RAM on my specific computer by looking up videos on YouTube. My computer's RAM was upgraded, and I noticed a little improvement in the speed, but not by a lot. So I realized not long after that I needed an SSD.

    Before purchasing the Crucial M500 SSD, I spent days googling this issue to ensure I:
    1) would buy the correct SSD that is compatible with my MBP (Model A1260)
    2) had the procedure to swap out the drives practically memorized (so that I wouldn't be stuck while doing it). Side note: Crucial gives an amazing step by step guide to changing the HD for each computer type on their website for free. If you have a Macbook Pro A1260, the link to the specific tutorial I used is here: http://guides.crucial.com/Guide/MacBook+Pro+15-Inch+Core+2+Duo+Models+A1226+and+A1260+SSD+Installation/300/1?singlePage

    Next, I needed to gather the correct materials to perform the procedure. You need two different types of screw drivers. Instead of going out and buying them, I used my screw driver from my eye-glasses repair kit. It is double sided, and one side worked with the smaller screws, while the other side worked with the screws requiring the Torx 6 screw driver.

    I installed the SSD with no problems by following the tutorial step by step. Then I turned the computer on and waited. Black screen. My heart sank. THEN, 6 seconds later, it turned on! I am not sure why it took that long to turn on, but thank goodness it turned on at all. I had to put in my Snow Leopard install disk so that I could then download Mountain Lion from the App Store.

    The install time of Snow Leopard took was about 1 hour - a very long time. Mountain Lion installed in about half an hour. I thought because these install times were so slow, that something must be wrong with the SSD. Not so - after everything was installed, my computer was running faster than it ever has. Applications open up in a split second. It goes to sleep and wakes from sleep in a split second. It also restarts in an incredibly short amount of time. I love this drive, and also the fact that I was able to install it myself without any problems.

    If any problems do occur, I will update this review.

    Update on 09/25/2013

    I've had this SSD for about a month now, and it is working beautifully. This update is just to inform everyone that is considering buying it (or that has already bought it) that Crucial has released a firmware update for the M500 (released yesterday).

    To check which "revision" (i.e., version) of the firmware you have on a Mac, visit: http://forums.crucial.com/t5/Solid-State-Drives-SSD-Knowledge/How-to-Find-Your-Firmware-Revision-Mac/ta-p/114206

    The actual updated firmware download can be found here: http://www.crucial.com/support/firmware.aspx

    The process to update the firmware can be found here: http://forums.crucial.com/t5/Solid-State-Drives-SSD-Knowledge/SSD-firmware-update-on-a-Mac/ta-p/111844
  • C. Bailey "The Common Man" - Wow - loving the "ice cream" without the guiltWell first - if you don't like bananas then this might not be for you, as it seems all the recipes require at least some frozen bananas in order to give you the creamy texture. I tried to use just frozen strawberries and it came out more like chopped ice then cream - but you might like that. I have tried it with bananas and strawberries, mixed berries, peaches and mango and they are all wonderful!! Very creamy with great fruit taste!! A typical bowl will be 1 medium banana with 4 oz of frozen strawberries - that gives you a full bowl of frozen treat. Kids love it too ... especially the banana mango. You can buy almost any kind of frozen fruit at the store now for 1/2 the cost of ice cream oz for oz. Some folks talk about how you can do the same thing with a fork or a hand mixer, but I tried it and it is so much easier with the Yonanas maker - I burned out a hand mixer trying - wife almost killed me. Clean up is a breeze - the thing comes apart and breaks down to four pieces that are real easy to clean. The cutting head seems very well build of hard plastic and stainless steel. The motor, housing and drive head seem well built and powerful. The only part that seems that it might be a problem is the silicon gasket, just need to be careful and if it tears they sell replacements via their customer support - haven't had any problem just need to be easy with it as you are taking it apart and storing it. As a bonus you can use the brown bananas as they give the best flavor - no waste (how much banana bread can one actually make?) I believe this was money well spent!!