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Welcome To Transformations Medical Weight Loss! - Transformations Medical Weight Loss was established in 1987, and bases our medical program on the extensive research of Dr. Simeons. We do not use prepackaged foods or liquid diets & the food we recommend for our program can be found in your grocery store. Our main goal is to motivate you toward new eating habits as well as to control fat intake, so ideally you will keep the weight off!


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  • Michael N. Powell "Mike P" - Terrific follow-up to Game Change.This is a wonderful follow-up to Game Change. The good, bad, and ugly of the 2012 presidential campaign as viewed from both the democratic and republican perspectives is well presented. To me, the authors have captured everything that is currently wrong with our political system. The commentary on Christie was very interesting and puts into perspective how his issues from his past will possibly impact the 2016 presidential race. Well worth the time assuming you are interested in politics and can handle critical observations from both perspectives.
  • Sijoya - Less visits to the DoctorI had purchase this product two weeks ago and had been using it since. (I suffer from re-occurrence yeast infection)and had to prctically live in the GYN office. I stumbled on this product, and decided to give it a try. Ever since i start using it, i had no occurrence of yeast infection. I use this product at least 3 times a week, and every day during my monthly cycle. Use with a gentle hand, ensuring the insertion piece touches the inner wall of your v. I believe this product should be sold in every pharmacy or place that sells OTC yeast infection products. It does wonders for me, and it can do the same for you. I am surprised it has not been more recognized. Try it, and you will not regret your purchase.
  • Gardner Selby - Fabulous (Hold Fire)There will be some who exploit this work for shortsighted partisan and personal reasons. So much in this original deep research is ripe for distortion.
    Whether one sees BO as a modern marvel or dangerous freak of history, this work deserves all-encompassing respect. My advice: Take a day or so to dig in -- and give Maraniss earned room to build up his ambitious themes -- and then maybe sleep on your initial critiques. It was my conclusion that no matter where one starts politically, this book provides sweeping vital context. Tour de force!
  • C. Chang "C. Chang" - Second chair purchased, we must have this chair!!We recently lost our first Inglesina chair, and was using it for over a year with our 2 year old. So we decided to repurchase the Inglesina because it was just that good. The seat is perfect.. material solid. Some of the other brands out there feels cheap (which we experienced first hand at baby specialty stores), and even the shop owners would recommend this brand over the others.

    This is your child, why be cheap or not do the proper research to know this is the perfect, compact, travel use chair... forget using dirty high chairs, protect your child.

    Pros : Sturdy handles. Adjustable to a variety of tables. (It wont fit all.. but 95% of the time, it's worked for us)
    Material is easy to clean, and not rough to the skin.
    Nice way to collapse, store it, and take it with you on travel.

    Cons : Wish there were more color combinations, but that's about it as far as complaints.
  • Some Reveiwer Guy "D.C." - Very informative- but one suggestionThere are several great travel book series. One mistake I made, which I would encourage you to avoid, is to purchase all of your books from the same series if you're visiting multiple countries. I bought books on Spain, Portugal, and France from three different publishers and it makes it very hard to navigate between them because they each arrange the content in a unique way. Go with one publisher. Once you figure out the format of the first book, you will know where to find the info you want in the next one.