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  • Tricia Byrnes - Love this stroller. Always gets attention

    This stroller is an attention getter and a smooth ride. I love there is no basket so I can stuff all my bags down there without aggravation. The ride is smooth and spins on a dime. You can also adjust the wheels and maneuver well across fields and graveled lots ( weird but you encounter unusual terrain more than you might think). The carseat is super heavy but I believe light and plasticky is yunk. But you have to know at the end of the day the price isn't super justified. It is what it is...a status symbol for mommys. If you need to justify the price, you can't afford it buy something else you will be just as happy. A snap and go is much more practical. But anyway. I love how it's height adjust and mainly how it looks.

  • Alexandre Carneiro "Alexandre" - Huge step forward after my experience with Acer Iconia A500 and Ipad 2

    Just received it yesterday and with the ICS update, this table is incredible. I have always preferred the android tablets so I would not have to deal with itunes and other apple non-sense obligatory softwares, but this is the first time I can say that Android has finally a better machine. I won't go into details that were mentioned before, but I am trully impressed with the Transformer Prime speed and ICS.

  • Richard - Exceptional Service!

    After careful research we decided to purchase the Plush Bouncer from New School Baby and the order was placed without any issues. With one exception- -I accidentally sent the item to an old address. My fault. So I contacted New School Baby through Amazon (and, by the way, that works extremely well). The results?--I was sent a new item to me within days. Now that is service!! When is the last time that happened to you? I highly recommend this type of service to all and will definitely buy more from them!!

  • Loyd E. Eskildson "Pragmatist" - Interesting and Revealing!

    Bamford opens by telling us that by 2008 NSA had become the most intrusive spy organization, secretly filtering millions of phone calls and e-mails/hour, programmed to listen for thousands of names and phone numbers. The watch list once contained 20 names - now its 500,000.

    He then goes on to calmly describe how airport screening was easily evaded - true, a number of the 9/11 hijackers were given extra screening, but they had no explosives and their knives were less than 4" long. Pilots were ordered to place their aircraft on autopilot when the flights were taken over, and to move to the rear of the aircraft. The hijackers then turned off the airplanes' transponders, making them invisible to ground controllers.

    Ironically, just as the NSA was becoming alarmed over the realization that some terrorists (and hijackers) were in the U.S., several of them were amidst NSA employees in local shops and on local highways near the agency.

    Prior to 9/11, NSA head General Hayden had scaled back its intrusiveness out of fear of another Senator Church-type investigation. The NSA had been eavesdropping on them for years (without comprehension of what they were doing), and refused to pass information onto other agencies.

    After 9/11 a secret program within the agency began, using an estimated 80-90 outside civilians that ignored FISA warrant requirements. Some objected, claiming that FISA requirements would not impede terrorist surveillance (eg. the warrant could be obtained as late as 72-hours after the fact, and were rarely refused), while Hayden pointed out that the forms and processing took time, and Cheney's Addington was outraged that under Bush II it had become a bit less than a rubber stamp.

    Bamford goes on to reveal outcomes of these relaxed standards - considerable listening to private conversations between American military in Iraq and their families, etc. Also there is the strong possibility that those listening to conversations misjudge the intent (eg. An Iraqi says he's planning to deliver a load of melons - that may or may not be code for IEDs, and any erroneous decisions made on this limited information by those listening in (generally with limited Arabic fluency) bring harm or death to those involved.

    Even more frustrating is that it is impossible to determine what is legal vs. illegal since NSA conduct is now governed by secret rules. Regardless, millions (possibly billions) are wasted as career CIA and NSA employees are hired by private contractors and placed back at their old jobs (often doing very little of potential value), computer systems between the CIA and National Counter-Terrorism Center are incompatable, and the entire intelligence system lacks accountability.

    Frustrating NSA, on the other hand, was the fact that much international communications traffic to/from the U.S. is carried on fiber-optic cables - difficult/impossible to wiretap. This has led to NSA agreements with phone companies to divert cable traffic so that NSA could listen in.

    All these conversations are recorded and stored in a new NSA facility in Texas. Readers are left wondering where this will all end and how much money is wasted.