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  • Kamran Khan - Fortuitous ShapesI thought I would die, like my parents before me, under the onslaught of pain unleashed by the no-armed man. Having hunted him down from the wilds of Kamchatka, I thought I could finally send their ghosts on to the great adventure beyond, but alas the no-armed man would escape me once again. After a furious assault of head butting and kicks, I thought I might have a chance to best him in hand-to-no-hand combat. Instead he nearly finished me off. Perhaps it was his guilt that saved me, for in the moment when he could have crushed my head, he turned and ran away. I had puked and voided myself under the beating he laid upon me, and after I stood up, I looked back at my sick on the ground and saw that it resembled the shape of a bottle of Tuscan Whole Milk, 1 Gallon, 128 fl oz. God was looking down on me that day with great fortune, for it was a bottle of Tuscan Whole Milk, 1 Gallon, 128 fl oz that started us both on this path of destruction that must end in death.

    It was the no-armed man's act of violence, killing my parents in their Huge Ship while driving drunk and trying to pour himself a glass of Tuscan Whole Milk, 1 Gallon 128 fl oz, that was purely random and not directed at ruining my life and spoiling my vacation to the mountains in the hopes of photographing wolves, as my once narcissistic viewpoint had thought. If only he had some way to balance the glass and the bottle of Tuscan Whole Milk, 1 Gallon, 128 fl oz while he was driving, of if only he had read How to Avoid Huge Ships my parents might have had a chance to survive, but he didn't and they didn't and my vacation was ruined and I've been hunting the no-armed man for the better part of thirty years since.
  • - Great book that strips away Camelot's false lusterMr. Hersh has done an excellent job in exposing the lies and sleaze that was all over the Kennedy administration. While JFK will always be remembered as a martyred president, this book shows the things he should be remembered for, namely Vietnam, stolen elections, and adulterous affairs that may have ultimately (and inadvertantly) cost him his life in Dallas. Those under the spell of the mythic "Camelot" will not like this book, but it is medicine that is sorely needed.
  • Suzanne E - Boaters delight.Read all the reviews and at first was very skeptical about purchasing this product. It does seem like it would not hold up well in a lawn or garden setting. The outer covering could very easily snag and tear. BUT, if you are a boater and need a hose I would recommend this. You can wash your boat without fear of scratching the gel coat as you would with a regular hose. Granted, I would not leave it out in the sun for an extended period of time, but it is so easy to pack away in your dock box or even stow it on board.
  • Ecthelion "Ecthelion" - Great resourceI have read the book and been coached by Esther in person. Her photographs of people from developing countries, 19th century Americans and babies are convincing that her recommended ways of sitting, walking, bending, standing and sleeping are the way to go. It is still too early to notice major improvements in my posture, but I feel more informed at the very least.
  • jennifer carbonell - This stuff worksI have to say this stuff really does work. I have been taking it now for about a month, and have dropped about 10 lbs s far. It curbs my appetite instantly. It also gives me a bit of energy. Its better than any other stuff I have ever tried, like xendrine, and Hoodia. When it first hits your system the hunger goes away quick, which makes me eat less obviously. That is what makes people gain weight...we tend to over eat. This stuff, makes you want to eat less, plus theres something in it that burns fat as well. Love this product, and plan on using it not just for weight loss, but to get my blood sugar in check. I get low blood sugar when I do not eat for long periods of time, and being on this, helps with that. I highly recommend this to anyone who i looking for a boost to losing weight, and just cant seem to get started. This will surely get you started fast.